A swordsman for the Sheriff of Nottingham, Will Scarlet has finally emerged from his famous uncle’s shadow. But when he’s unwittingly drawn into a bloody battle . Read What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty by Carrie Lofty by Carrie Lofty for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Devon’s review of What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty Historical romance released by Zebra 2 Dec This is Carrie Lofty’s Zebra debut.

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For me that was a little frustrating because, I like to create the mental picture.

If you’re not a fan, the myriad threads and required foreknowledge will likely leave you hanging. Being blind is not an excuse for being a bitter pill. He has no where else to turn to. The final scene between Ada and Finch was somewhat confusing, mainly because the way Ada overreacts to Finch when he tells her he will never let her go. A woman’s screams lead Will straight into the carnage to save her–but the ravishing young lady is not the helpless maid she appears to be.

Then she starts touching his chest.

So meg, our “heroine”, fixes him up and even gives him some herbs. Sometimes it was less important, if irritating: Refresh and try again. I was more interested in Will and his inner turmoil, especially when he confronts those demons. Really well written and researched fanfic. Will is responsible for arresting a young woman buy the name of Ada, who was trying to use some counterfeit emeralds while she was in Nottingham.


REVIEW: What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

She has also discovered how to create counterfeit emeralds, which her sister was arrested attempting to sell. Part of the reason I was able to like Will and Meg, despite not always scooundrel sympathetic, was that I felt both were products of their time and circumstance. I’m always a bit afraid they’re going to become avatars for the author’s Mary Sue fantasies.

Meet Robin’s rakish nephew, Will Scarlet, a man whose talents with the sword and the ladies are legendary—until his desire for one woman changes everything. Jan 31, Marcella rated it liked it. The only reason I didn’t get it more stars was that it started very slowly.

What a Scoundrel Wants (Medieval, #1) by Carrie Lofty

Because that is wrong, wrong, wrong. Will feels he finally has a purpose when it comes to Meg, and scouundrel he learns who this particular woman is, he begins to fall in love with her. And to make things worse, meg makes a fucking joke out of it! I felt like I was reading a ballad, a medieval poetry about knights whose armor is less than shining. He has taken a job as a swordsman for his old enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Meg needs his eyes, and for Will to help her save Ada. Wanting to finish this book was an arduous undertaking.

What a Scoundrel Wants

Go find a different robin hood book wjat you want to read about him. Ada has no choice but to agree, even though it is her sister, Meg, who is the one responsible in making these jewels. And the hero, though completely flawed, was sufficiently hero-like without onerous descriptions of “rippling muscles” and hard Ones that don’t include jerks like meg.

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The characters were very likable and they were well developed throughout the book.

What A Scoundrel Wants

Her alchemical talents were the most interesting part about her and I was a little disappointed the intricacies didn’t get more attention. So Meg has a sister named Ada, and Will knows Ada from some fair, and the sheriff is good, except he’s not, and there was some betrayal going on, and Will kills men he was just in alliance with a few pages earlier.

Oh man, I need to watch Robin Hood: Also the way each of them learns to think outside of themselves is really well done. Lofty, because this was an intriguing debut. He then discovers that he is the intended fall guy to be accused and arrested for the murder of her noble escort.

Lofty doesn’t attempt anything so ambitious as attempting to rewrite her own version of the Robin Hood legend. It’s sort of like a careless fanficcer in that way – writing within an established universe and leaving stuff out because knowledge is assumed.

Will Scarlett is one character who I think is often overlooked, but Carrie Lofty has definitely brought this character into the spotlight with a great tale.

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