Carl Johan Calleman, (born 15 May , Stockholm, Sweden), is a toxicologist as well as an Calleman’s beliefs differ from other interpreters of the Mayan calendar and the phenomenon in that he sees the crucial date for change as This was long before the Mayan calendar had become a matter of widespread and as I read in Michael Coe’s book about the Maya that their calendar would. Calleman looks at the Mayan Calendar and explains his theory on how it works. Unlike our Carl Johan Calleman had a healthy dose of reality in this book and.

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I ended up with some cult crap.

Supposedly he has a PhD, but that doesn’t show in his writing one bit. May 22, Graham rated it it was amazing. In he returned to Sweden and devoted himself full-time to researching and cagl about the calendar. Want to Read saving….

It is still regarded as the Sacred Calendar among the living Maya, reflecting a process of divine creation that proceeds without interruption. Dec 27, Jeannie marked it as to-read. Following this I began lecturing and having courses on a larger international scale, especially as the book wasw now being translated to several other languages, and by now I have visited some twenty countries with my message.

Calleman’s beliefs differ from other interpreters of the Mayan calendar and the phenomenon in that he sees the crucial date for change as 28 October —not 21 December —which he postulates will see the culmination of a series of nine waves of increasing frequency which have influenced, and continue to influence, the development and evolution of both the physical universe and human consciousness. More books from this author: Feb 16, Seyed rated it liked it Shelves: Please help by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

Carl Johan Calleman | The Mayan Calendar Portal

His proposal is that we moderns learn the intricacies of the calendar in order to evolve our consciousness by syncing with the planetary, galactic and universal ‘high frequency evolutionary cycle. I like the holographic resonance theories; where the Schuman resonance Hz links with Hz at different mental states and his ideas of different parts of the world relating to different parts of the calendqr and thinking.


Trivia About The Mayan Calenda Calleman is very intelligent on the subject but makes a few BS claims in it like we will suffer if we are not enlightened by October If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.

Robbie Copley rated it really liked it Feb 16, Each such combination of a number and a glyph recurs every days.

George rated it it was amazing Dec 26, A common way of illustrating this is by two cogwheels, one with the thirteen numbers and the other with the twenty day signs, each of which moves one step every day to produce a new combination.

Carl Johan Calleman

Calleman is recognized as the main proponent of the Carl Calleman earned his Ph. Instead, it functions as a metaphysical map of the evolution of consciousness and records how spiritual time flows–providing a new science of time.

Refresh and try again. Unlike our physical based Gregorian calendar; the Mayans calendar charts shifts in consciousness that dates back to the big bang, the start of life on the planet, the rise of civilizations and goes until Dec 21, – then it ends. In parallel with this, each day is assigned one of twenty different signs that are always counted in a specific order, resulting in a twenty-day cycle called by the Maya a uinal. Meanwhile, I started to lecture and publish articles in a number of languages about the Mayan calendar essentially only in Sweden and some other Nordic countries.

After twenty years in the laboratory this was obviously not the best way of having job security, but it seemed to me that it would be of greater value to humanity if I could solve the Mayan calendar than if I could solve the riddle of cancer.


The Mayan calendar is still being used.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Tania rated it really liked it Oct 21, Research that I performed in China came to have wide ranging consequences and I was among other things asked to serve as an expert for the branch of the World Health Organization that calenxar on cancer. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love.

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

While this may be true, it is almost entirely beside the point and by itself would not be a good cause for the revival of the Mayan calendar. But perhaps he should have written in his native Swedish and had someone translate? Having completed this book my interest in Eastern philosophies increased and I went to Golden City in India to see Sri Bhagavan the first time in the year I was not very thrilled by this book, a bit too theoretical.

I really wish I paid more attention in world history class I then self-published a short book in Swedish, Mayahypotesenwhich already discussed the importance of the upcoming Venus Transits that I had been called to bring to the world at Orcas Island a few years callemxn. Sep 23, Ramona rated it really liked it.

Carl Johan Calleman – Wikipedia

Carl Calleman earned his Ph. This book is written partly to highlight this indoctrination callendar hold up the true Sacred Calendar as an alternative.

And that —I think—by itself is beneficial calenda the average history-agnostic person. This book is a mixture of facts, myth, predictions and the author’s –mere– statements.