Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi – Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is Not Your Father’s Self-Working Card Book! From the. Card College Light – Roberto Giobbi This Is Not Your Father’s “Self-Working” Card Book! From the author of Card College, the world’s most. Because as wonderful as Roberto’s Card College series is, it is still a his series (5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes) have.

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The Card College series is complete. Each of these effects can be performed with no sleight of hand, but they make it appear you are working miracles. Card College curates that material for you. It would anyway be futile to try to capture all written information as a monologue in video. If you’re an experienced card magician, you’ll probably be aware of most of the tricks, but you will definitely learn from the routining that Giobbi provides.

And that is just the beginning. Manufacturer Says Pages – Hardcover. As soon as the package is dispatched you’ll receive a link to track it on this page.

Chris Inner circle lybrary. Then branch out into reading the works of Vernon, Marlo, Ascanio, Tamariz and the works of their students. The Diagonal Palm Shift. Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: No, create an account now.


Gestalt – a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole. Skip to main content. Card tricks that allow the fingers to remain idle require that their methods be cunningly protected through presentation and psychology, which in turn amplify the feeling of real magic.

Each trick is well written, through with patter and concept and has beautiful artwork, Already an experienced card shark? Giobbi really elevates what could be transparent tricks into mysterious impossibilities. More importantly, Giobbi has created routines where each self-working effect is part of a plan to create a magical impression. Card College Lightis in a class apart from other books that focus on sleightless card tricks. Giobbi also explains how these tricks can be arranged into highly effective and entertaining routines.

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See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The guy at the magic shop did right by you. They already have them. Judging that the reader now has more than a sufficient number of tools in caard grasp, Mr. Card College Light This is a popular, secure, trackable courier service.


Card College Light ($) – Roberto Giobbi – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Did this review help you? See a site map. These lessons serve not only the beginner, but also the advanced card-magician who wishes from time to time to include a trick wherein the audience can stare relentlessly at the fingers without discovering collefe thing.

Most of the tricks taught are from Mr. The 21 tricks have been compiled into complete routines, each lasting around ten minutes.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

Card tricks that allow the fingers to remain idle require that their methods be cunningly protected through presentation and psychology, which in turn amplify the feeling of real magic.

While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly robberto things work. Find Out how to pay.

Atucci, please post a review, once you have digested it. Roberto Giobbi is acknowledged worldwide as the finest living teacher of card magic.