Cantar Leggendo – Roberto Goitre. Uploaded by Valentina Di Stefano. Nuova edizione a cura di Giorgio Guiot, Edizioni Suvini Zerboni. Copyright: © All Rights . Cantar leggendo con l’uso del do mobile. Front Cover. Roberto Goitre. Suvini Zerboni, – Author, Roberto Goitre. Publisher, Suvini Zerboni, Il Maestro Roberto Goitre e il metodo didattico del cantar leggendo.

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For minor keys, see below. The first degree of a major scale is always sung as ‘do’, the second as ‘re’, etc.

Coro Polifonico Farnesiano – Cantar leggendo

Surgical spectrum in phonosurgery. Never a stupid question He also attended to some seminars of Chigiana Academy held by L. He has collaborated with pop singers Al Bano, Elisa.

Paolo Facincani Italy Paolo Facincani was born in Verona, where he currently carries out his musical activity.

Sato Method[24] Sato Pron. He has directed many theatrical works and sacred oratories for treble voices and youth choirs in their first performance. For seven years he was the Assistant Conductor of R.

If you play a major scale often enough you will train your ear to the sound of the scale and it’s intervals. As a researcher, her main subject is the enhancement of involvement and well-being through musical hobbies.

Thus, while fixed-Do is more applicable to instrumentalists, leggenfo is more applicable to theorists and, arguably, composers.

MrVerylongusername posts Nov 19, 6: In movable do the notes barring accidentals are always the same for a major legendo, and just a couple changes for a minor scale. The chromatic variant only applies to the “fixed do” system, of course.


This article needs attention from an expert in Music. Her research focuses on music teacher practice. Carnevali and a new version of Mozart Requiem. He has edited the revision of the Cantar Leggendo method by Roberto Goitre and is the author of numerous specialist publications in the fields of music teaching, choral music diffusion and studies of music and discomfort.

Salminen has worked as the voice trainer and assistant conductor of Musica Chamber Choir and Vox Aurea and she also established the Ruamjai youth choir which she conducted from to leggemdo From until he has been teaching Music Education and German Language at an Austrian grammar school.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s from the Wikipedia page. He is author of musical publications.

Roberto Goitre

Retrieved from ” https: October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sincefor the Italian Ministry of Education, she is coordinator of many refresher courses for teachers in Music Education in Italian schools: In the youth member of the Stomanerchor Leipzig. Goitre at the Corale Universitaria di Torino; furthermore, he was the Conductor of various choir groups, participating to national and international competitions.

Inshe was awarded the Heinz Hofmann medal, the highest badge of merit by the Youth Choir association in Finland. The current directors of these choirs, Carlo Pavese and Mario Pigazzinistill use the Cantar Leggendo method exclusively. Giorgio Guiot has a diploma in piano, choral music, choir conducting and composition.


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Zanibon; Il dettato ritmico Rhytmic dictation with 2 audiotapes enclosed, Ed. Her latest scholarly contribution is a chapter published in ; Setting the tone for critical supervision pedagogy.

Helmut Schaumberger is Assistant at the Mozarteum University Salzburg where he gives lectures in didactics and music making in the classroom. Paolo Facincani was born in Verona, where he currently carries out his musical activity.

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She is also an acknowledged music educator in her home country. Key of Ut C-clef for staff notation. To get the spelling right, these names come from a poem by an italian monk and music teacherGuido d’Arrezio, 11th century: Dr Wolf also works as a professional mezzo-soprano soloist and sings as a lay clerk at Leicester Cathedral.

Accolades during this period include performing at the opening and closing ceremony of the 17th International Choir Olympics in Giessen and two golden awards, as well as invitations to numerous international events, including the Sympaatti Festival in Finland. Suvini Leggehdo La suite degli Animali Animals Suite pages with 23 choral and instrumental works, teaching and analys notes, Ed.

De Pablo and P.

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