Cannondale Tandem Eccentric Bottom Bracket Body, KP/, FREE UK Delivery, Price: £ Eccentric Tandem Bottom Bracket, KP/. Cannondale Eccentric Bottom Bracket Shims, KP, FREE UK Delivery, Price: £ Cannondale Eccentric Bottom Bracket Shims, KP I am interested in this bike but I am a bit unsure about the Eccentric BB that cannondale uses. I would like to know how the cannondale design.

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Cannondale eccentric bottom bracket adjustment???

Tap the hole on the side you pulled the bold from with an M6 thread. Or the other which is what I did was cannondaale change both drive chain rings by one tooth down 30 All times are UTC Top.

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I got the pin spanner to rotate the cam only took a month! We do not bradket the original specification of the bicycle and could not confirm this without seeing it.

If it’s a double wedge type remove the button headed allen bolt on the the circlip and release bolt side and tap the cecentric EBB off the second wedge. I gave the head of the allen key a couple of taps with a tack hammer but I can’t seem to budge anything. Is this the eccentric bottom bracket used on a Cannondale trail SS 29er? There a silver allen bolt at the bottom with a black circlip in front of it amd two other allen shaped holes at 4 o’clock amd 8 o’clock.

Can’t find any more info other than that document. And six minutes from Q to A! R2’s procedure should release the LH wedge, but if the circlip pops out on the RHS then it may be very difficult to release the RH wedge.

Hello, You should be able to use this without an issue.


Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert

If you try to do this with the normal, short bolt, there may not be enough threads engaged once you have loosened the cannondalr, and the threads may be damaged by the impact. Last edited by reohn2 on 14 Feb Well that was going to be my last resort.

Plenty of grease around the edges of it from when it was put together so don’t think t would be seized, any ideas for future reference? Can anyone advise how I can adjust this please.

Bicycle Mechanics Broken bottom bracket? One more turn and you’ll feel it go slack again,the wedges are now released and the EBB is loosened in the frame. Nevermind, I am going to follow some instruction I have been given by a braacket owner. I undid the wedge bolt, actually popped the circlip Tried to to turn it and it wouldn’t budge. Took it out still didnt budge so just put it all back together.

You can now adjust chain tension by putting a correct sized allen key 5mm? Find More Posts by reptilezs. Couldn’t budge eccentriic bottom bracket pics below.

Find More Posts by CaptCarrot. You may not post new threads. Now’s the boottom to strip it,clean,regrease and reassemble the Eccentric BB,so you know it’s done correctly for next time.

At least I’ve got a working bike again. Extract 5mm threaded bolt with 4mm Hex key as per normal. It may be that there are additional threaded holes in the wedge pieces that are there specifically to allow a stuck wedge to be jacked off.

This is a good system, easy to adjust if properly maintained and lubricated.

Find More Posts by jimc Am I right in assuming once I get eccentrci on I just need to adjust it back until there is half an inch of vertical movement in the chain? It is slightly smaller in diameter than the “Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert Taiwanese” also sold on this site which was a fraction too wide for my bike. This eccentric is 68mm long and This is my first non derailleur bike and its a bit of a learning brackte on the new bits.


To loosen a wedge-type eccentric, remove the bolt usually a 6 mm thread that holds the wedge in place, and temporarily replace it with a considerably longer one. If you ride around with some oil down the seat tube and the wedge screws bothom, the eccentric may come free under its own steam.

It has a large tube size.

Cannondale Tandem Eccentric Bottom Bracket Body Kp317-

SJS Cycles part number: IIRC it is usually the case that one or both wedges are held captive to the assy by the overhanging heads of the button-headed screws; it idea is that once one wedge comes loose the other can still be released OK. Pics haven’t come out right, these work better: Can I use this with a Viking Serengeti? Use on a Cannondale T2 Tandem Great product, easy to fit and slotted into my Charge Mixer 11 perfectly. Once the chain is adjusted to correct tension,tighten the wedges but don’t overtighten the wedge bolt,5Nm is enough ie;two fingers of pressure on a standard sized allen key or you run the risk of distorting the EBB housing in the frame.

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Cannondale Tandem Eccentric Bottom Bracket Body Kp | eBay

Cannondale eccentric bottom bracket 68mm shell. I don’t want to hit the allen key to unbind the wedge for fear of knackering the threads but I can’t think of any other way to get it out. Any good hardware store. I’d try that before whaling on it. I actually found it in the cold light of day – eventually got it back in cannondxle all my “precision” circlip pliers are too big and then immediately broke it trying to use it for its intended job of freeing the drive side wedge.

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