Cancionero Rumbero now online. It’s not perfect but it is the best we can do at the moment, and hopefully with your help it will get better. volume; Manuscript. In 77, 79;SPC Note esclavos pg 6 of catalog # 43, 50 Cancionero Rumbero. unpublished, University of Georgia, New York, , Web . Cancionero rumbero. n.d. (accessed October 29, ). Canizares, Raúl. Walking with the Night: The Afro-Cuban World.

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I always looked forward to your post, because I knew I’d get some more invaluable info. Ta’ contento el pueblo 5.

El Cancionero Rumbero

Posted by Camcionero at 4: Unfortunately, no other discographic information was included. Puntilla, who was wearing under his clothes an enormous bandage all around his belly did not sing, but before “despedir a todos,” he began “Mi Arere” just outside the front door, and then asked Ernesto Gatel to follow with “El Trovador”.

A a a Coro: Yo me llamo como quiera. But El Goyo has much more in the works Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

A a a Bele bele bele bele Coro: Manda tus correciones por czncionero “comments. X, a long out-of-print LP collection recently reissued on CD.

¡Vamos a guarachar!: Orlando “Puntilla” Rios: Ibbae

It doesn’t have a record label as such, but credits Puchito, Gema, and Seeco for contributing tracks. Nice to be in touch again.


This CD also contains what is probably the first version of “Oyelos de nuevo,” a song written to dispel rumors that the group had broken up, and that they have recorded at several other points in their career. Trincha, como pica, agua pa’ la columbina Coro: Eni o baba solo yu. Something to work on You’ll find most of the lyrics of this album on the Cancionero Rumbero blog.

I’ve had this footage for a few years now, I’ve put some of acncionero up, but there was a lot left.

Much appreciation and thanks to you for taking the time to do such a magnificent tribute to Orlando “Puntilla” Rios, detailing some of his life work and contributions. For a complete overview of El Goyo’s career, download his Curriculum Vitae. The actual artists, as best as we can determine are: Of course we need an even number of songs, so that means there is still another out there. Thanks to collector Didier Ferrand we have been able to identify labels and numbers for 5 more songs, plus we learned of one more we were unaware of: Gave it to an ex-girlfriend she just had to have it.

In he gathered the greats of the genre in the studio to tell the history of rumba from the bandos de calle and the coros de clave through guarapachagueo and rumba-rap in the CD ” La Rumba es Cubana” Abdala UN-CD Yo siempre le digo a los rumberitos nuevos: Thanks Goyo for sharing your talent and your knowledge with us, and may you spend many more birthdays pregonando to the world the wonders of cuban music. When registering the song, Silvestre kept the text changes that had been made, so the song would make sense when performed in a son style: Rumberos de Cuba, en situ Coro: Noche dela Rumba, Clave y Guaguanco.


A a a Y se pusieron celoso conmigo los tres Y se pusieron celoso conmigo los tres Y le dijeron que me eliminaran Y le tuve que decir a mi mujer Coro: The musicians with Puntilla are: Nosotros, los Rumberos de Cuba caminando por la vida tan hermosa Pues no sabemos hacer otra cosa que cantar una buena rumba, amigo Coro: El chisme de la cuchara 6.

We were recently privileged to come across the audio of this interview, which fully captures Silvestre’s pleasure in telling the story, and incidentally rescuing a forgotten rumba song from obscurity. If anyone has any discographic information for canciojero recordings, or knows of any others, we’d greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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