A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located on the fringes of . map, even within the borders of the sector. The Calixis Sector has many heavily populated and important worlds, but it lies a great Efforts to map these have been hampered by adverse conditions.

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It is dotted with battlefields, some of them no more than a tangle of recently slain bodies and others titanic fields of bones and burned-out wrecks.

Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times

Even so, pilgrims come to the shrine and then head off, on foot, into the bleakness, in search of illumination. Zerbe hopes that important data may be gathered during a genuine sighting. They also find the hive citizenry to be a fertile source of amenable, pliable recruits. While it is true that some governors rule not just a single planet but an entire system, and that other worlds have no governor at all, the fact is that the Imperium is stretched so thinly across the void that an interstellar traveller could make his way from one edge to the other, traversing a hundred thousand light years of space, and not once cross paths with a human being.

The closer to the surface of Hive Tarsus, the poorer and more dangerous the hive becomes. The members of the Alliance must walk a curious tightrope between maintaining the traditions of their homeworlds and kingdoms, and acting like fully recognised nobles of the Calixis Sector.

Btw, I didn’t make the graphics, I simply stitched together existing maps and overlaid a grid with rough time estimates. Also why would Prol, with should be on the border of Calixis-Scarus be far away from the border?

Something I feel I should elaborate, the squares on capixis map which have ‘spatial anomalies’ such as the maw ect, would account as unstable or even outright dangerous navigation. The Skar-us sector uprising, a 4th edition happening, along with the Eye of Terror campaign might have been late 3rdalso made far more sense.

The Calixis Sector is at once blessed and cursed by its location.

Calixis Sector

How can that be? No one ventures close to Hive Tenebra with any regularity, and when they do they rarely penetrate into the collapsed interior of the hive where the foulest horrors are said to lurk.

Inside, the Misericord resembles a huge, complex and grotesquely ornate castle. Wow this is calixi, thank you for uploading.


The sprawl of sectpr hive is at its most spectacular along the rugged coastline. The cult is organised into many Crusades, each led by a charismatic deacon. On worlds where Adepts are lacking such as Sepheris Secundus much of the day-to-day preaching is done by lay clergy, pious individuals trained and deployed by Ecclesiarchy adepts to spread the word in places where even a devoted preacher baulks to tread.

Every serf has the right to mine a particular section of open mine, and the Face is covered in markers driven into the rock to state which serf is permitted to work that spot. By the time contact with the Imperium was re-established, it was clear that the alliance of indigenous peoples was running the Agri-world more efficiently than the Administratum, and the natives of Regulus were left to their own devices as long as their tithe of food was met.

Regulus was an Agri-world run by the Administratum but when their Adepts were all killed by a meteor impact, the small feudal kingdoms took over the caixis of their world. The rune has resisted specific translation and no previous occurrence of it has yet been found. The most extraordinary feature of the Wilderness is the ruin of Hive Tenebra. Maps aren’t like fluff, you can’t mix and match the stuff you like while ignoring the stuff you don’t.

A barren world, dominated by esctor dust bowls and salt-deserts, it supports, thanks to the Chartist ships, a population of pilgrims who maintain the shrine: It’s a lot of work revising different maps to fit with each other. Estimates suggest that over eight thousand Inquisitorial personnel toil in the officio of the Tricorn Palace, from lowly scribes to archivists, from savants to specialist Tech-adepts.

The other most notable landmark in the hive is the Tricorn, the palace of the Inquisition on Scintilla.

Calixis Sector | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Why would that be possible? The mansions swing alarmingly when the wind is up and it is not unknown for them to break free and plunge into the lake. A leaf dropped into the water upstream will move along, floating on the surface of the water.

Lehyde Ten is a pleasant, potentially arable world, which is generally unpopulated. However I believe the ships can reach speeds much faster then their listed speed when they are outside of combat and can give the engines full power, and it is safe to say that a Rogue Trader would cut corners and come out of the warp as close as possible to the planet he wanted to visit.

All have the potential to harbour miscreants, Heretics and other, darker forces.

His true age is not known. Equally sectot for the people living in Port Suffering are the huge freshwater tanks beneath the town. Some whisper ssctor cutting off a finger and nailing it to a signpost in the Commons will bring the Loathers to your doorstep when you least expect it, and that you can then bargain with them to destroy someone you despise. Lexicanum pages needing citation. Luggnum is a harsh and inhospitable Mining World with a small settlement called Lugg City which exports ores.


Its spires house some of the most senior barons along with members of calixia Sepheran royal family. No one knows where these stories originated, let alone whether they hold any truth, but similar tales are told by firelight all across Sepheris Secundus.

The Gallery of Sin is one of the few places where the crewmen of the various castes mix. Warrior brotherhoods, secret societies often born of loyalties to a particular noble house, are common in the army, with the most prestigious having fraternal meeting houses in the spire of Hive Tarsus. sechor

The Calixis Sector | I bought myself a copy of Fantasy Fligh… | Flickr

calixiis A pulpit overlooks the nave, and it is from here that Cardinal Ignato and the other Ministorum preachers speak the Word of the Emperor. These things will usually take place in the two or three months leading up to a manifestation. Some dominate whole worlds and some harbour ambitions that will one day pit them against the Adepta of the Imperium. Members of Skaelen-Har are recruited from all strata of society, as long as they have the potential to accept the Concordium.

Many different ships make up the Misericord and they each have their own style, which in turn has been embellished and replaced over the centuries.

I did not make the underlying map, but the Port Maw thing is definitely a misplacement. Skull leads these warriors into battle personally, and the sight of his black-armoured form is enough to demoralise those unfortunate czlixis to meet the Harrowguard in battle. Judging by the sector locations, it seems possibly incorrect? The DeVayne Incorporation is an unusual secttor house that was originally a large and powerful religious order.

Anyone forty or over is stricken with a terminal decline and dies within thirty-six hours, even visitors who have amassed their years during ship-time. The adepts are considered above the violence that flourishes between the ma; traders, partly because they represent the interests of the God-Emperor, but mainly because they have the very best protection in the form of veteran soldiers from the Death World of Mortressa.