The website for the fiction writer Edan Lepucki. friendships, set in the posh hills above Los Angeles, from the New York Times bestselling author of California. Edan Lepucki sets her debut novel, California, somewhere in the s. The nearness of this era helps make her vision both more discomfiting. Edan Lepucki comes to the telephone out of breath and laughing. “I’m escaping from my children!” she cries, and I can hear said offspring.

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Oh this is good stuff people, because there is nothing but secrets, lies and stuff to be revealed from this point on. What happened to the children?

Edan Lepucki on Dick Pics, California, and Motherhood | Literary Hub

Cal isn’t so sure- He sees danger in the unknown and he likes to have Frida all to himself- but to appease her, he goes along with her wishes and they leave everything behind in search of a nearby settlement called “The Land”. And even though the characters at times seem to hate each other, they love to have sex. Can they feed themselves? There are no zombies here, there is not a lot of action She married at 25 and now, at 36, lives happily near her family of origin in her state of origin, whose name was the title of her first novel, California.

Thanks to Little, Brown for sending this book to me for review. I don’t necessarily blame Lepucki for this because all of this is way too much to chew on for a sub page book. Did you set out to write about motherhood?

I thought it was pretty good. On June 4,Colbert used his television show, The Colbert Reportto satirically attack bookseller Amazon over the company’s decision to remove particular titles from sale, including books from the publisher of Colbert’s own three books, the Hachette Book Group. Mourning a past they can’t reclaim, they seek solace in each other. As the curtain opens, we meet Cal sometimes called California and his wife, Frida.


She’s not eaten by a bear, she’s not trapped in a cave under fallen rocks, she’s not sold into slavery by the roaming bands of pirates what?

Why did I choose a character who cannot speak? California is as right to ruminate on these as Dawn of the Dead was right to parody stultifying consumerism. Many Plankers wanted to fight injustice and poverty throughout the world, though certainly not with religion” p.

Books by Edan Lepucki.

California review – Edan Lepucki’s hit story of marriage after the apocalypse

Human disasters like chemicals and …more There seems to be several factors contributing to the ean. Narrative shifts time frequently as the main characters Cal and Frida think about their lives to this date, from their time in L.

Keeping it clear would be a daily activity, and it’s a sign saying, “people here! Oh, and did I mention Lepucki has two really adorable and energetic offspring?

Lepucki uses this backdrop to explore how a typical marriage might survive a society that has turned into rather a dog-eat-dog affair. Do you think of yourself as a Californian writer?

View all 4 comments. All of them coming in a conversation. There were four letter words thrown in here and there that just didn’t fit Someone here on goodreads said that this read like a first draft.

It still has th When I first saw this book I got all excited. Wow, this is really painful. Jan 06, Ami rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shortly after, some inconsequential sitting around happens while they wait for a vote to be allowed to stay.


My palette is highly unsophisticated. Here we never find out the nature of the apocalyptic event that predates this story other than a couple references to bad storms thousands of miles away, yet the local society seems pretty comfortable walking around in tee shirts and denim.

A very enjoyable and unusual read. Who makes the rules? Maybe that’s the whole point and I’m missing a wonderful parody of California malaise, but this one didn’t do it for me. I noticed some reviewers compared this to The Road. Where are they storing everything? I was really looking forward to this one. There are many “post-apocalyptic” books in existence, but what I love about California is that it feels very mid-apocalyptic.

It’s almost as if they weren’t two people living on the edge of nowhere, scraping out a survival, the way they obsessively ruminate about the past. Jan 06, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Louise This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ There seems to be several factors contributing to the apocalypse. You’re not going to get any helpful tips on what to do if you go homesteading in the California wilderness once LA is dead. Being a West Coast or California writer is an important distinction for me.

California is a novel by American author Edan Lepucki described as “post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction”, [1] in which characters Frida and Cal flee Los Angeles to live in the wilderness of post-apocalyptic California. How on earth could Lepucki have possibly sold a book that handled such sprawling concerns adequately?