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This village is situated on the border of Bengal and is very exquisite. His Divine Grace A.

Plainly hear us, O merciful one. I offer my humble obeisances unto Them. For twenty consecutive years this meeting took place, and the situation became so intense that the Lord and the devotees could not be happy without meeting one another. The Lord traveled all over India for six years.

The entire road was surcharged with many cool breezes, which carried the fragrances from various flowers. Having spoken thus, the two brothers offered prayers to the lotus feet of the Lord and returned to their homes.

Even though the people were fallen souls and blasphemers, they were delivered by this process.

Caturmasya should be observed by all sections of the population. Being very merciful, He immediately came out and gave audience to all of them.


Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya-lila Chapter 16 Verse 65

That was His regular practice. They never served low-class persons, nor were they instruments to abominable activities.

Let the power of Your mercy be exhibited throughout the entire universe! There are fourteen planetary systems within the universe, and all living entities reside in those planetary systems. Wherever the Lord visited, crowds of innumerable people came to see Him.

For five consecutive days all the people gathered to see the Lord, and still there was no rest. There is no other object of mercy within the three worlds but us.

Category:Sri Caitanya-caritamrta – Madhya-lila Chapter 23

The two brothers got up, and again taking straw between their teeth, they humbly offered their prayers with folded hands. In other words, she cursed faritamrta son-in-law to die. When they saw Him, all their unhappiness and lamentation disappeared. Almost no one could understand the meaning of that verse.

He could not understand why the road’s construction could not be completed, and thus he was astonished. Therefore I am praying to the Lord for His causeless mercy upon me. We feel very much ashamed, standing here before You. When shall I engage as Your permanent eternal servant and always feel joyful to have such a fitting master? I can understand your behavior from those letters. Indeed, they gathered so much that many holes were created in the road.


Now please abandon your humility, for My heart is breaking to see you so humble. We have come a long distance to see You. The observance is obligatory for all asramas. You should consider that in this world there is none so fallen as us. Indeed, our activities are exactly like those of the meat-eaters. Just to indicate those pastimes, I am presenting a general survey of the chief pastimes in the form of a synopsis. All of you will come to know of this later, but I now say this with great assurance.

Category:Sri Caitanya-caritamrta – Madhya-lila Chapter 22

This is the first caritamtra Then, taking him on His lap, He began to speak to him. This was His first acceptance of alms. On the whole, during the four-month period of Caturmasya one should practice giving up all food intended for sense enjoyment.

There immediately arose a great stir, and the vibration of ” Hari! Fortunately, that holy name became the cause of their deliverance.

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