CAEPIPE and this tutorial have been developed and checked for correctness and This tutorial is directed towards newcomers to Pipe Stress Analysis just as. Tutorial 2. Let us model a slightly more advanced piping system now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic use of CAEPIPE via Tutorial 1. The details. CAEPIPE and CAdvantagE are trademarks of SST Systems, Inc. OpenGL is a CAEPIPE – the first pipe stress analysis software on the PC back in -.

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File Menu Logout Log out of program without exiting, saves time when logging More information. Press Enter or click on OK to modify the bend.

Pipe Stress Analysis Software – CAEPIPE & Piping Stress Tutorial

A macro is a series of steps that is grouped together as a single step More information. Pipe Stress Analysis Procedure.

Figure 5D – Revised Layout with Node Numbers This shift of pipe downstream does not adversely increase the pressure drop between the tank at node 10 and the pumps at nodes and Aubrie Walker 1 years ago Views: The branch pipe between nodes and acts as a rigid stick resulting in lower thermal stresses in that branch pipe as seen in Fig.

The Scenario You are presenting a poster of your county for a map competition at the state fair. The hot load is the hanger load for the operating condition and the cold load is the hanger load at zero deflection. To get other units by the output, you only need to change the units in the configuration file after that. If pipe lifts up at any of these resting supports during operating condition, then that support does not carry any pipe weight and hence will not serve its purpose.

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Finalizing Layout to meet Thermal Stress criteria In case thermal stress ratios exceed “yellow” zone i. Click the margin More information.

A preview of the printed output can be seen by using the Preview button. You can More information. The goal is to make sure the status is shown as “Reached” at all vertical Limit Stops for Operating Load case.

02-03.b: Import MS Excel or AutoCAD DWG / DXF into AutoPIPE?

Dead-weight is from weight of pipes, fittings, components such as valves, operating fluid, test fluid, insulation, cladding, lining etc. Figure 1A – Layout After modeling this layout in CAEPIPE, upon analysis, you will find that the pipe between nodes 10 and 20 grows thermally to the right towards node 20, while pipe between nodes 30 and 20 grows up towards node 20, ttorial illustrated in Fig.

The deformed geometry due to the thermal load Fig. You will learn how to: When you first open PowerPoint you will see a list of new presentation themes.


08. AutoPIPE vs Caesar Benchmark

Getting Started The Excel Window u v w. Next, identify those weight support locations for example, resting supports in the ‘yellow’ to ‘red’ zones where the pipe can also be laterally supported and replace those weight supports with ‘integral 2-way vertical and lateral restraints’, such that occasional caepipd do not exceed ‘yellow’ zone. It is better to avoid.

Solutions Intermediate Workbook Key. By CAESAR II you can as well create your own units but the conversion factors are already calculated for you and you only need to choose the units you want. These opposing deflections rotate the interconnecting pipe between nodes 90 and like a horizontal ‘see-saw’ in the horizontal XZ plane, resulting in lower thermal stresses in this region, as observed in Fig.

Flowtite Jacking Pipe U. Aligning your images and text 7. Background Introduction Welcome to CFS, the comprehensive cold-formed steel component design software.

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Basics of Word Processing File Menu Logout Log out of program without exiting, saves time when logging. Figure 5A – Layout with Node Numbers. Open Microsoft Word Enter the text of the document.

Using Word you can add.