The PDF document can be generated from the print document by using the // Event handler to save the PrintDocument page as image. Save PrintDocument to Image: Need help understanding this procedure. For that I use PrintDocument, for preview PrintPreview. I have a Could you tell me how to save printdocument to PDF format, please??.

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The implementation of the PrintDocumentPdfExporter class is shown below: If the document contains pages of different sizes, or with different orientation, this simple peintdocument will not work correctly. GetInstance doc, new FileStream sfd. Here instead of printing to a printer. NET Imaging SDK also can be employed to streamline image and document processing for a wide variety of industries and document types.

Is it possible to save it as a word document?

How to generate PDF from Print Document?

It is completely obvious now. Hi all, I need to convert PrintDocument to Pdf.

Word for C XDoc. Pages can be previewed as soon as they are rendered. Except for methods for saving image and document, method for printing image and document files is also available by using RasterEdge C. The dialog looks outdated. It’s only a 1 page document. When answering a question please: Printdocmuent is no option to export the document to other formats such as PDF.


Don’t tell someone to read the manual. Login to post a comment. ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin, v3. Use C code to save image into disk or project memory as you wish. The following Visual C class code demonstrates ;rintdocument to save an image. I don’t think it is possible or it would be way too difficult or complicated to save it as a word document.

The Print method in the preview control starts by determining the range of pages that should be rendered. I have read many of your posts and have found your advice quite helpful. Sage dialog uses a ToolStrip control instead of the old toolbar. Blacknew RectangleF, p. I will have to throw out my printeocument code and start from scratch using this method. Like cups-pdf in linux or doPDF for windows?

Sign in to vote. It inherits from PrintDocument and overrides the OnPrintPage method to print only the pages selected by the user:. PDF files can be posted on the web, distributed by e-mail, and viewed or printed almost anywhere. Now seriusly, printing is just glorified drawing.


This is done using the C1PdfDocument. It is easy to do using C1Zipand metafiles tend to compress really well. Dim Bmp As Bitmap. Code Block Public Class Form1. Support for single or multi-page printing.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, v3. Install, Deploy and Distribution.

c# – How can I save a PrintDocument to a file? – Stack Overflow

Anyway, not a big deal. Is there a way to print to the PrintDocument and then save the contents of the PrintDocument as an image? The document event handlers are listed below.

Insults are not welcome. I think I understand now. Another link to msdn documentation How to: If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem. I found a way to open microsoft word, send it some text, save the document to the hard drive and too word.

Well yes it is drawing. I like how the resolution of the bitmap is controlled as well.