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Target has a single element, valueof type java. With all serious programming projects program maintenance tools are used. Dbecause C represents the type of some x at run time.

The intuition behind the second clause is that if Outer. An interface I directly depends on a type T if T is mentioned in the extends clause of I either as a superinterface or as a qualifier in the fully qualified form of a superinterface name. But if FooContainer is applicable only to formal parameter declarations, then FooContainer was a poor choice of containing annotation type by Foo because FooContainer cannot be implicitly declared on some program elements where Foo is repeated.

Chapter 9. Interfaces

The third clause above prevents a subinterface from re-inheriting a method that has already been overridden by another of its superinterfaces. It is a compile-time error to use the name of a type parameter of any surrounding declaration in the header or body of a static method of an interface. These semantics are specified in this section.

However, annotatione types are not used in the Java programming language in such a way that the nondeterminism matters. There are three kinds annotatiions annotations.

There are no locations which are solely declaration contexts where a package name could be annotated, as class, package, and type parameter declarations use only simple names.

If an interface has no direct superinterfaces, then the interface implicitly declares a public abstract member method m with signature sreturn type rand throws clause t corresponding to each public instance method m with signature sreturn type rand throws clause t declared in Objectunless an abstract method with the same signature, same return type, and a compatible throws clause is explicitly declared by the interface. The classic example concerns the equals method.


Debian — Error

It is a compile-time error to refer to a type parameter of an interface I anywhere in the declaration of a field or type member of I. Inherited is used to indicate that annotations on a class C corresponding to a given annotation type are inherited by subclasses of C.

The declaration of a method that returns an array is allowed to place the bracket pair that denotes the array type after the empty formal parameter list. An important property of this syntax is that, in two declarations that differ only in the number of array levels, annotationa annotations to the left of the type refer to the same type.

Chapter 2: Introduction

We actively detect this conflict and anontations the developer with an error, rather than waiting for the problem to arise when a concrete class is compiled. Field Constant Declarations 9. The offered defaults are sensible and should be accepted unless you have reasons to divert. Therefore, the following annotation type declaration is legal:. An annotation of type T may appear as a meta-annotation on the declaration of type T itself.

It facilitates early detection of inappropriate method declarations appearing in or inherited by an interface that is meant to be functional.

Especially when dedicated C functions such as xmalloc and xrealloc are used allocating the memory or aborting the program when the memory pool is exhausted.

This block of code provides an implementation of the method in the event that a class implements the interface but does not provide its own implementation annotationss the method. An annotation of type java. Inheritedthen the declaration of TC must have a meta -annotation that corresponds to java. It is very strongly recommended that this syntax is not used in new code. An interface can declare static methods, which are invoked without reference to a particular object.


Name spaces, originally covered by the introductory chapter are now also covered in a separate chapter. Inheriting Methods with Override-Equivalent Signatures 9.

So, there is no common ancestor for the toString declared in Object and the toString declared in an interface. In special circumstances, it is useful to treat an intersection type as a functional interface type. Back then this code was compiled by a standard C compiler. It is a compile-time error if a fixed arity method or constructor declaration is annotated with the annotation SafeVarargs.

The 9.40 of annotahions interface type are:. Default values are not compiled into annotations, but rather applied dynamically at the time annotations are read. Anmotations Where Annotations May Repeat An annotation whose type declaration indicates annotatons target of java. It is a compile-time error if, in a declaration context or type context, there is one annotation of a repeatable annotation type T and multiple annotations of the containing annotation type of T.

By convention, the name of the sole element in a single-element annotation type is value.

A normal annotation may, but is not required to, contain element-value pairs for elements with default values.