Read “By Love Undone” by Suzanne Enoch online on Bookmate – Scandal’s daughterMadeleine Willits was shunned by London society for a scandal that . Scandal’s daughterMadeleine Willits was shunned by London society for a scandal that was no fault of hers, and forced to seek a paid position in the co. By Love Undone. Suzanne Enoch. Buy This Book. By Love Undone should perhaps be subtitled The Great Pretender because I was thoroughly.

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When Malcolm suffers an unexpected illness he writes to his brother. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Small wonder, then, that Maddie quite forgets herself when he enfolds her in a sweet embrace. I loved Quin, but I couldn’t help but fall for Rafe too. Her employer nodded, a sympathetic grimace touching his gaunt face. There is only one way to find out At one point they fight with water and a letter opener. Quin was a little more likable than Maddie, but I never got a good grasp of his character.

Although she occasionally puts up a fight, she loses her spark here and this is when Quin presses his advantage. Uncle Malcolm would undoubtedly take a hasty arrival as a threat against his management of Langley. After Malcolm falls ill his nephew, Quinlan Bancroft, Marquis of Warefield, oove sent to help uhdone the estate. The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding. Sprawling at the top of a slight rise and overlooking a quaint wildflower garden and a small forest glade, Langley Hall rose red and white into the cloud-patched noon sky.

I just cannot like her. In the beginning it seems like there’s this perfectly nice girl that Quin has known since he was a child. We could raise pigs. If you want a quick fun read to get you through a rainy afternoon, this is a good pick.


Refresh and try again. Quinlan’s aplomb in the face of mud, demented pigs, and musket-waving villagers is deucedly appealing.

It is such a pity. Unfortunately, it is loove apparent that Maddie has no idea how to resist importunate young rakes who deem her ripe for the plucking.

By Love Undone — All About Romance

But it is more tolerable when it happens to the second son Rafe. It’s Getting Scot in Here. Intent on restoring her family’s good name, Lilith wants only to make a respectable marriage.

As with every one of Enoch’s books, I found myself finding it hard to put By Love Undone down, for it was so uniquely written, yet this book is similar to her other books, whereas its a mixture of passion, enticing plot, and engaging characters that will only leave you breathless for more of her well written romances that takes your breath away. Fiction Romance Historical Fiction.

By Love Undone

The sooner, the better. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

Everybody needs some inspiration, after all. Because of Quin dishonoring Maddie he agrees to have his family sponsor her in town and try to reestablish her in society. A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin. Much of the same for the hero as well. And once the heroine lost me, she lost me forever. Bancroft agreed in skeptical suzqnne. Is it because Amelia-Rose is just too. Unfortunately, it is soon apparent that Maddie has no idea how to resist importunate young rakes who deem her ripe for the plucking.


Caught kissing his uncle’s lovely young companion, Quinlan feels he should make amends, and uses his rank to re-establish Miss Willits in society. It was 2 o’clock in the morning, and I had just woken up from a nightmare. That’s usually enough reason for me to throw in the towels, because I absolutely hate cheating and I don’t excuse anyone–not even the hero and heroine–from committing that sin.

Light-hearted and historically inaccurate. After more insults on Maddie’s part and fascination on Quin’s part they indulge in a kiss. I cannot remember the last time I found a heroine this annoying – she has no manners or common sense, and spends a big chunk of the book lashing out at the unfortunate hero of this opus and everyone else within range for no good reason whatsoever.

Malcolm is estranged from his brother to Duke of Highbarrow and when Malcolm is unwell the Duke sends his son Quinlan Bancroft, Marquis of Warefield to visit and check the estate.

When Quinlan, the duke’s son and a charming and handsome marquis in his own right, shows up to check in on Mr. As she expected, the mention bj George IV distracted her employer from whatever it was that had upset him. He unwittingly falls for Madeleine, no matter how much of shrew she appears to be! Sex scenes were quite unromantic and of a humping nature, and 3.