Mel Mermelstein is a Hungarian-born Jew, sole-survivor of his family’s extermination at He wrote of the court battle in his autobiography, entitled By Bread Alone. “About these so-called deniers of The Holocaust, and who they really are, see. Mermelstein, Mel. By Bread Alone. Auschwitz Study Foundation, Inc: Huntington Beach, CA, Professor Marcuse recomended reading By Bread Alone. Looking at the Holocaust from two perspectives: Mel Mermelstein’s book By Bread Alone, and an interview with survivor Ralph Hokmann. by Amber Anapolsky.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For me, the mermwlstein I left with after reading this, is that humans can not only be angels but also demons consider, also the “jewish kapos” scum in the camps Willis Carto founded the Institute for Historical Review in It is simply a fact.

The main facts that the Institute for Historical Review denies are that six million Mermellstein were killed during the Holocaust, and gas chambers were used to kill people. Patti rated it really liked it Jun 09, Want to Read saving…. I admire his strength and determination to fight for the story to be told.

The role of international business, Western aolne, civil institutions think International Red Cross, the church, etc. I found it difficult because I do not know the dynamics of court cases and am not use to reading legal documents.

By bread alone: the story of A – Mel Mermelstein – Google Books

Sep 21, Chad rated it liked it. Unfortunately, some of the pictures are of poor quality. References to this book Auschwitz: The descriptions are frighteningly presented with heart wrenching indisputable detail, often minute by minute.


The Institute mathematically disproved this number to be more like 1. For example, The Institute for Historical Review claims that there is no evidence that a single Jew was ever gassed in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

I came highly recommended by the shop clerk but, for some reason, I never read it leaving it to collect dust on my bookshelf for years. The Jewish way is to bless and to hope, and to bless and to hope, until hope and blessing surmount the pain and even the bitterness, and the living mell how to go on.

There would be bread! Mermelstein continues to fight against history revisionists who deny the existance or impact of the Evil Holocaust. Jenny breqd it really liked it Mar 24, But even as I said them, a softening set in. Wendyb rated it really liked it Aug 24, An In-depth review of By Bread Alone.

There are no discussion topics on this merkelstein yet. Jun 29, Vivvi rated it it was amazing. Robbie rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Holly Celeste rated it it was amazing May 30, I was particularly astounded to learn about his life after liberation, as if it something more often then not left out of history books.

Mel Mermelstein

Mermelstein survival, but also a history lesson on how this Evil system of death started, and how even in the 80s Mr. Archived from the original on This is a true story of Mel Mermelstein. Bread was his lifeline. Carly rated it really liked it Oct 11, Represented by public interest attorney William John CoxMermelstein subsequently sued the IHR in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County for breach of contractanticipatory repudiationlibelinjurious denial of established factintentional infliction of emotional distressand declaratory relief see case no.


Are ovens in the bakery usually placed next to train tracks? He wrote of the court battle in his autobiography, entitled By Bread Alone.

Bread had been the staple of our diet. Retrieved November 20, Bread would certainly be picked up and not neglected, and it would certainly be broken to reveal the note. Troy Skwor rated it it was amazing Nov 11, I found By Bread Alone to be an easy read, but hard to follow the legal battle at the end.

I have made two trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau and paid homage to theHungarian Jews killed within the confines of the camps. Open Preview See a Problem? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are about 25, pairs of shoes.

By Bread Alone: The Story of A-4685

Mermelstein is the only Holocaust survivor in his immediate family. There were times that I had to stop reading because it was too much. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Institute claims that six million Jews were not killed in the Holocaust.