The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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Best Buzztouch Videos |

Buzztouch Developers 12 4 13, 3 03 PM From: Keep getting further Comments Loved the step by step got my app to compile. Having looked this over in more detail, for a basic app all I have done in addition to GoNorthWest’s notes at the top is Comments Sorry for the delay, I’ve had a busy few days and buzztoucu bit of flu. Hi Tyrone, Yeah, it’s kinda weird in Studio.

Keep in mind that it makes a copy of your project and stores it, by default, in the AndroidStudioProject folders. Celebrate when it finishes! PEM file using a handy online tool. Comments Thank you Mark! Deleting A buzztouch v2.

On the whole, so much better. Tony Buzztouch buzztouch Evangelist Posts: It’ll keep you busy. Hope this helps in the meantime.

Lots of you have been asking how to do this, so I figured I’d nail it down and make a video. If anyone is interested in the steps to compile for release, let me know and I will type them up and post on here. Tutodial Making Custom Icons with pixelmater You can save a lot of money by making your icons with pixelmater instead of Photoshop.


This fifteen minute tutorial shows how to take a Buzztouch v3 project package, import it into Android Studio, link the Google Play Services Library, generate a debug keystore, and create an apk file that you can load onto your Android device.

That put it in my Studio project. For you IOS’ers who want to try your first Android app Topics include a shift in strategy re: It’s very easy to follow and a great addition for game-centric apps. When to Publish or Compile an Android Project This buzztuoch from bigPaul shows visually how to know when you should publish or compile your Android project.

An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

Baer interviews the whacked genius that is David Book. Buzztouch Tutorials 17 http: I think I tend to agree with you about the speed! Bytewizard buzztouch Evangelist Posts: Handling Old Cached Data after an App Store Update See this document if your app is having trouble parsing old cached data after updating the app on a device from the App Store.

May 01, Hopkins, Minnes Slot Machine Buzztouch Plugin Money making plugin for Buzztouch allows users to buy coins to play their tuforial slots. See the original article here.


Tony Comments Well done master of the Android world!!! Nov 05, Rhode Island 3, Ensure plugins are either Android only or Android and iOS.

Intercepting Menu Taps This document is an attempt to help you understand how a menu-tap is processed so you can perform custom actions in some situations.

QC Aspiring developer Posts: I watched your LogCat video, and immediately saw my issue. I think that if you need to build a mostly informational mobile app, something that serves the same purpose as a mobile-optimized website, then buzztouch is a compelling option because of how easy it is to create the app and then update the content. Mar 09, Upstate New Yor Buzztouch Tutorials 6 http: Getting Started With Buzztouch Version 2.

Fifteen Minute Video Tutorial: Android Studio + Buzztouch APK Compile

Thanks GoNorthWest for this great tutorial, got my 1st android app compiled 1st try. Hope it was helpful! Courtesy of Your Town Television Program.

Will probably do this. Buzztouch Tutorials 15 http: Buzztouch Developers 5 7 14, 3 05 PM From:

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