Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies [Ian Buruma, Avishai Margalit ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty-five years ago. In this grandly illuminating study of two centuries of anti-Western ideas, Buruma and Margalit contend that the hostility of Islamic jihadists toward the United. Occidentalism refers to and identifies representations of the Western world (the Occident) in two In Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of its Enemies (), Buruma and Margalit said that nationalist and nativist resistance to the West.

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Ian Buruma, The Origins of Occidentalism

Definitely worth a read. Mar 29, Pages. I sometimes could not understand what the main point of the view in a chapter was.

But nothing matches the sense of failure and humiliation that afflicts the Arab world, a once glorious civilization left behind in every respect by the post-Enlightenment West. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. They trace the intellectual source of Occidentalism to the emergence in Europe of modern anti-Semitism following ocidentalism French Revolution and nineteenth-century German Romantic philosophy.

Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies

They are the savage stains that have to be cleansed with blood. In a sense, Occidentalism is anti-Semitism writ large, as hatred for Jews suffuses most of its forms, but Anti-Americanism looms even larger. That there are humans anywhere bent on the destruction of other humans, imagining them to in fact be inhuman, occodentalism and valueless, is not news.

Since the target of the holy warriors is so large, figuring out how to defend it is not easy. Nonetheless, Alastair Bonnett rejects the analyses of Buruma and Margalit as Eurocentric, and said that the field of Occidentalism emerged from the interconnection of Eastern and Western intellectual traditions. Alas, it serves to obfuscate rather than enlighten.


There are folks who do not believe democratic processes yield good decisions, that women or poor people or whatever group of people really ought to be controlled for the good of the community, and that privileging individual expression over family or religious obligation is self-indulgent and morally retrograde. Intertwining the historical and current manifestations of the enlightenment, capitalism, and the individual, this is placed against the historical counter movements to what it is now This may look like the Occidentalism of the title, but it’s larger because there are plenty in the West who feel the same way, from religious zealots of various sects to greens think the Unabomber ; there are some on the left, and others on the right.

Upping the anti

No longer do new mothers necessarily learn from their own mothers how to raise their babies. Published March 29th by Penguin Books first published We tend to blame Islam and religions for the mindset of extremists, A good thought-provoking book about anti-West sentiment from “Occidentalists” ranging from the pre-WWII Japanese, 19th century Germans, to modern Islamic terrorists.

The authors use the word Occidentalism to describe the phenomenon: A series of short essays on ‘non-Western’ stereotypes of the west and their intellectual origins. The former dream of going back to the purity of an imaginary past: There is also an extraordinary neglect of the systemic relationship between the west and the non-west. The attacks of September 11th have spawned a plethora of books about Islam and the Middle East, all trying to explain to the bewildered Westerner how those planes came crashing out of the skies on that bright and fateful autumn day.

Interestingly, Buruma and Margalit find some of the roots of Occidentalism in the West itself. Still, I have to say it wasn’t a very challenging book to read and, maybe I’m being uncharitable, but I don’t think it was that challenging to write. The West, particularly the United States, was coldly mechanical, a machine civilization without spirit or soul, a butuma where people mixed occidentalusm produce mongrel races.


This book’s purpose is not to demonize the enemies of the west buruam assist in the “war on terrorism”, but to understand what drives Occidentalism, and to show that the suicide bombers of today have their roots in history that includes the west itself. Indeed, the book spends most of As the sub-title says, the point is to describe the “West in the Eyes of Its Enemies”: The West, as conceived by Islamists, worships the false gods of money, sex, and other animal lusts.

Occidemtalism this barbarous world the thoughts and laws and desires of Man have replaced the kingdom of God. Overall, I think that Occidentalism is a good book.

Religion World Politics Category: Paris Hilton and Britney Spears or if you’ve ever stepped foot into a NYC bar, you can see how the perception can partially be true. When the ocfidentalism becomes more focused, as in the chapter on Islam, the argument is more convincing. We tend to blame Islam and religions for the mindset of extremists, but like pre-WWII Japan, pre-Revolution Russia, 19th century Germany, anti-West sentiment stems occcidentalism the fact that our culture is perceived to be without morality.