The Buna Offense: The Ultimate Basketball Offense. 2 likes. This offense is equally effective versus all half court defenses. The Buna Offense has. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense Thanks!. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense. DarrelJanckila Buna Offense January 07, PM, Registered: 11 years ago. Posts: 3.

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Northeastern actually did OK, keeping the first half score within I think it’s kind of a combo of the Bo Ryan Swing, with elements of the triangle offense.

I watched a little bit of the exciting Raptors and Celtics game but mostly watched the Trailblazers big win on the road over the Magic.

Watch these 2 key offensive sequences where the Blazers are able to move the ball around and get that open shot, It’s such a simple concept, yet it never gets old. From Friday night, I caught the college basketball game between the Texas and Stetson.

Watch this first play, Duncan is already making his move and the defense doesn’t move to double well tries to but is way late, then doesn’t want to foul himalso note that the shot clock is at 5, so if you double Duncan hard and he passes out, probably they won’t get the shot off in time, On the game winning play, for some reason, the Kings decide to double the ball-screen.

Butler is well coached, they play disciplined on both ends of the floor. You win games because of your ability to shoot free-throws as a team. I think a lot of people are surprised at the Hawks who have continued to play well beyond taking the Celtics to 7 games last season.


If your team is struggling defensively like the Raptors, time to get back to basics and look at defensive stance. To find out what worked, what didn’t, what to do next time. I’ve watched the Kansas Jayhawks a few times this season now, against Washington and recently in their OT loss to Syracuse this past Tuesday.

The help is late, the recover is late, Duncan with the easy layup, The play design was good by coach Gregg Popovich. The zone was definitely a factor in both the low final score, and the 17 total turnovers by Georgetown in the game. BC uses a set. As far as I know, they don’t run motion, just straight offensive sets, but they executed them very well. As a result, the Longhorns got plenty of open shots and all of their players were making shots on this night.

Coach Hewitt is the head coach at Georgia Tech.

Breithaupt Co-Authors Biography of Legendary Texas Coach

It was quite the game, came down to a critical stretch in the 4th quarter where the Warriors turned the ball over on a rookie OB inbounds step-on-the-line play, and a couple of Rasheed Wallace 3-pointers. These are some clips from Georgetown’s narrow win over Wichita State earlier in the ogfense.

Be sure to check out the X’s and O’s of Huna Forum to discuss this and more of your favorite basketball topics. In the NBA, I don’t think it is good enough to be able to just stop the ball, you have to be able to close out shooters as well. As soon as the transfer came and we saw him play and shootwe completely switched to stagger screens and ball-screening offense.


Not only do they run a great primary break, but they have some nice secondary break as well. There was a thread going on a coaching forum about zone defenses. I’m not sure why coach Reggie Theus decided not to continue the double on the bounce. They allow Duncan to receive the ball, then double him as bnua as he takes the first dribble, The Kings forced 2 big turnovers odfense in the game and got a 2 point lead.

X’s & O’s of Basketball: November

I offeense love to do something like that next. This is especially the case in a motion offense. Stopping your man 1v1 is great. In this 4th quarter stretch where the Blazers got some big defensive stops and some big 3-point shots. Every week, I bunaa some questions by readers out there for Storming The Floor.

Download the video here. Like all motion offenses, it assumes that all of your players are versatile enough to post-up, shoot the outside shot, handle the ball on the perimeter, and make good passes.

The Raptors have not addresses this fundamental flaw in their team and will therefore never be a great team until they do so.

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