This book covers both the classical and representation theoretic views of automorphic forms in a style that is accessible to graduate students entering the field. II: Automorphic Forms and Representations of GL(2,R). 1. And thank you, my wife Kathi, and my parents Kenneth and Ellen Bump, for your support, which was . This is an introductory course to modular forms, automorphic forms and automorphic representations. We will follow the plan outlined in a book of Bump [ 2] but.

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Conference participants can register and pick up information packets, name badges, etc. Light breakfast and coffee will be available. See schedule for details.

Automorphic Forms and Representations – Daniel Bump – Google Books

The conference is in honor of Daniel Bump. Daniel Bump has been a leading mathematician in automorphic forms, representation theory and number theory for over three decades. Together with his many collaborators, he has contributed to a greater understanding of Whittaker functions, L-functions, the metaplectic group, and multiple Dirichlet series, bumo additional papers in such diverse areas as Toeplitz matrices, Voronoi-summation formulae, and exactly solved models in statistical mechanics.

He has authored well-received textbooks which have laid the groundwork for students to learn automorphic forms and representations, Lie groups, and algebraic geometry, and mentored a large and ever-expanding group of students and post-docs.

This conference presents research related to Dan’s recent interests as well as those of his doctoral students. The conference posters in PDF will eventually be linked here for advertising. For more information on the conference, please contact any member of the organizing committee.

Use the following link to register: Online Registration Please be advised that, while you are welcome to register online, we are no longer accepting applications for funding as of April 9,and will inform previously registered participants about funding in the next week.

Participants Click here to be taken bunp the list of registered participants. We have arranged accommodations at two local hotels: The Cardinal Hotel We have a number of rooms at the charming and historic Cardinal Hotel, approximately 1 mile from the Stanford campus. Situated in downtown Palo Alto, the Cardinal is within walking distance of shopping and many fine dining establishments.

To reserve your room at the Cardinal Hotel, automorpjic go to our special reservations Web page.

Automorphic Forms, Representations, and Combinatorics: A Conference in Honor of Daniel Bump

In addition, you can also find a list of shuttle bus companies that serve both airports. Phone numbers and estimated transportation charges are also listed. Hotel California The Hotel California, although a bit more distant from the campus approximately 1. For directions to the Hotel California, visit their Directions page. If you don’t want to rent a car or take a cab or shuttle, you can get to Palo Alto from either the San Francisco or San Jose Airport by train. From San Francisco Airport: From San Jose Airport: There is no direct bbump or bus from the Airport to the train station.

Please note that, although the combined fares for this method of transportation are considerably lower than the alternatives, the convenience is also zutomorphic less. Persi Diaconis Stanford University. Solomon Friedberg Boston College. Please feel free to contact any of the organizers if you need any additional information.

Day 2 Announcements

Back to the top. Automorphic Forms, Representations, and Combinatorics: Stanford University, August This has been changed to Day 1 Announcements Conference participants can register and pick up information packets, name badges, etc. Speakers Daniel Bump Stanford Univ.

Dorian Goldfeld Columbia Univ. David Kazhdan Hebrew Univ. Registration Use the following link to register: Hotel Info We have arranged accommodations at two local hotels: CSS theme by golebara.