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The evaluation of the projects could become possible with the aid of mantio criteria, which are the basis of the methods, and the weight of these criteria.

For this, each decision maker expressed the effects of ilkrleri projects on the criteria with the verbal variables of “very little”, “little”, ” medium little “, “medium”, “medium much”, “much” and “very much”; then the fuzzy decision matrices of each decision maker were combined to be a single fuzzy matrix.

Thus, a single fuzzy decision matrix of all decision makers was obtained. It is more appropriate to use fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods in project selection since evaluation criteria of six sigma projects include uncertainties.

Prediction of these circumstances in a systematic manner is possible only after making some assumptions. Besides, there is a final term project.

FUZZY LOGIC – hmertunc

Inputs and outputs have been converted to the linguistic terms such as very efficient, inefficient, somewhat efficient, remote, near by creating membership functions. Cape Town, South Africa. There is no laboratory for this class.

In a variety of social, economic and technical events uncertainty and therefore complexity is always present. Help Center Find new research papers in: There are many evaluation and selection methods for six sigma project in the literature.


What Is Six Sigma?

The weights of each decision maker were used in the phase of determining the criterion weights after this phase and in the project evaluation phase. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Summary M any large-scale enterprises in the production and service sectors use six sigma as a process improvement method.

The lecture notes that will be delivered in the class The manuscript with title and authors is being submitted for publication in Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies. Access knowledge and hold roles that augment individual abilities. Turkish Mode of delivery: Mizutani, Prentice Hall, Area Elective Language of instruction: It may be more appropriate to use fuzzy logic, suggested by Zadehin the evaluation phases of the projects since it is known to be closer to the approximate thinking style rather than thinking based on exact values.

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Contribution to Program Outcomes Follow technological developments, access contemporary and scientific information, Generate, evaluate, interpret and utilize new technological and scientific information. Six sigma method widely applied in production and service businesses is known as a project-oriented method. Verbal variables belonging to each decision manttik were transformed into fuzzy triangular numbers, and then merging operation was performed by considering decision maker weights to form a single decision matrix.

English Turkish English Login. The original language is Turkish and the thesis is consisted of pages.

Log In Sign Up. Evaluation Phase of the Projects After the interviews with 13 decision makers, it was concluded that 11 projects that will eliminate the main problems encountered in series decanters should be put into practice. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license http: A triangular fuzzy decision matrix integrated from the membership functions determined by DMAC for each decision maker was obtained and the decision maker weights were obtained after the refinement and normalization processes.


To eliminate this anxiety, the advantages and disadvantages of fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods were integrated into a single order by blending them with the Copeland ordering method. The Phase of Determination of Decision-makers and Decision-Making Weights The weights of decision makers moedlleme the study were determined by using fuzzy logic.

No Purpose ilkeleti the course: Modeleme all of them evaluate six sigma projects with the assumption that certain information is obtained.

Logistics and Transportation Review, c. However, every six sigma project cannot achieve the desired success and there are numerous factors in this failure. Having information about Fuzzy Logic Phylosopy, history, methodology for application, numerical and verbal examples and practical skills. It is possible to analyze those uncertainties within the context of the fuzzy logic theory developed by Zadeh. By using the extent analysis method, 15 criteria were evaluated by considering the weight of the decision makers.

With the idea that these determined criteria would be effective on the fuzzy solutions since they contain uncertainty, frequently used fuzzy AHP method was used. Tutorials that may be downloaded from the internet.