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Cărți de Jennifer Weiner

I’m bewildered by Franzen’s continued attacks. All my dates are right herethere will be yummy cupcakes from local bakeries at each event, and I hope to see lots of you out there That was when she decided to get help.

The Times has changed, and the times will continue to change. I am really and truly done.

Shannon considered the question. All of that should sound familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention to literary criticism and the czma Internet explosion.

Welcome to A Moment of Jenauthor Jennifer Weiner’s constantly-updated take on books, baby, and news of the world. While this is, of course, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, it is also the time I typically spend counting and grumbling.

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My kids started school. I’m in Philadelphia Magazine, complaining about men spitting on the sidewalk so not okay!

To order Little Earthquakes, click on the cover: Certain Girls Jennifer Weiner. There were cinnamon-dusted doughnuts, and she stuffed two into her pockets and devoured a third before taking a seat in a folding chair toward the back of the room. It’s interesting that this willingness to count and to talk about the results means that I just might be, in the eyes of no less venerated an institution than The Nationthe “most aggrieved of the bestselling novelist” in all the land.

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The first chapter’s right hereand here is a lovely Kirkus review! There was a ten-thirty meeting in the basement of St.

But I’ll keep you posted.

Pointing out that there are gaping inequities between the number of men and the number of women getting published and reviewed? Nice book, Had jennifer times with it every night at And It Happened To Me.

Jennifer Weiner: Cărți ficţiune contemporană | Books Express

There was this piece in the Guardian. There are more women jeennifer reviews, more women’s books being reviewed, which is exactly what I’ve wanted for my fellow women writers. A bad review is a review of a book. It blew me away.

On How Not To Answer Hard Questions,” which brilliantly explained all of the reasons why who gets reviewed, and where, and how often, continues to be an issue, and how many ways, in a few short paragraphs, Eugenides misses so much of the point as Holmes writeswhen you say that you’ve “heard about” an issue, “That’s a red flag.


But, while we look at the specifics and the individuals, it’s also worth considering the general, and the big picture. For the past three years she had supported herself writing blog posts for a site called Busted!

At the center of the circle, the leader cleared his throat. It was not a good review.

Bueno en la cama — Reader Q&A

All in the Family: Is he angry that I’ve got a bunch of Twitter followers, even though he doesn’t think I should have an audience at all because I’m not on his jennicer list?

By then she had lost her dignity, her money, her job as an editorial assistant at Paragon Press. I wasn’t afraid that someone was going to show up at a reading and do me harm. But if we’ve got to learn how to take it, maybe it’s time for critics to learn to do a better, or at least less sexist job of dishing it out. Ten posts a day netted her five hundred dollars a week.