Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. Budd Hopkins, Author Random House (NY) $ (p) ISBN Budd Hopkins’ book ‘ Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods’ investigated the claims of a number of alleged alien. Budd Hopkins, Writer: Intruders. Budd Hopkins was born on June 15, in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA as Elliott Budd Hopkins. He is known for his work on.

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The Orange County Register. Under the sway of Hopkins, Clark strenuously urged that outsiders cease investigations, thus seemingly trying to reinforce Hopkins’ earlier “order” despite the fact that the case already had been reported in the Wall Street Journal, Omni, Paris Match and the television show Inside Edition. Those persons trying to help abductees emotionally need to provide warmth, acceptance, and trust. Most “players” are able to successfully detach themselves from involvement, but occasionally the “game” becomes obsessive and interferes with “real-world” pursuits.

Even with Hopkins’ prior call, she did not expect Richard and Dan to actually appear. They said that this was a very rare practice.

A Critique of Budd Hopkins’ Case of the UFO Abduction of Linda Napolitano

This relative lack intrudrrs structure makes the UFO game somewhat more “dangerous. She communicated with the men telepathically and said that she felt that she had known Richard prior to the November abduction, and she suggested that they possibly had been abducted together previously. Inthe San Francisco Museum of Modern Art acquired Hopkin’s Norbeck Yellow Verticaldescribing him as “a leading American painter who has successfully brought together the vocabularies of painterly abstraction and hard edge painting.

A few days later, Linda telephoned Hopkins to tell him that she had been visited by Richard and Dan. We found this very curious, and we wondered how Hopkins, as a member of MUFON, could believe that it was in his power to issue such an “order. Dan drove to a beach house on the shore of Long Island.


Journal of Scientific Exploration. Butler became familiar with the case during those meetings, and he invited Stefula to a gathering in early October If the weather had been foggy, rainy, or snowing, the visibility could have been greatly hampered, and the reliability of the testimony of the witnesses would need to be evaluated accordingly. Apparently our ‘sky brothers’ steer clear of hoopkins group.

She too saw a large, brightly lit object over a building; in fact, the light was so bright that she was forced to shield her eyes, though she was over a quarter mile away.

Hopkins partnered with David M. Retrieved 10 February A doctor had informed her hop,ins her red blood cells did not die, but instead they rejuvenated.

During the kidnapping Derek took Wendy to a safe house. Critics of the survey questioned the validity of the survey questions themselves [48] and pointed out the implausibility that an average of Americans could be abducted daily, given the fact that no physical evidence to date exists for any UFO abduction. Preview — Intruders by Budd Hopkins. Jul 14, B. Jan 10, Stephen rated it liked it. We encourage those interested to obtain copies. The letter reported that Richard had taken a leave of absence because the close encounter had been so emotionally traumatic.

Andrus, and Jerome Clark.

These questions have not been addressed, and thus the credibility of the only directly interviewed, corroborating, first-hand witness remains in doubt. Who was the doctor who took the X-rays? For someone who believes that it would impossible for life NOT to exist outside of our own planet and species, this was truly an incredible book.


Linda’s statements also told us much. This book was so disturbing to me that I could only read it in small doses. Jul 05, Shannon Marshall Lush rated it really liked it. It is not clear whether Hopkins has ever met this alleged doctor.

Many of his attendees contacted Hopkins after reading his books [41] or newspaper advertisements that included his books as reference material, [52] seeing him on television programs such as Will Shriner, [53] Sally Jessy Raphael[54] the Marsha Warfield Show[55] Charles Grodin [56] and others. The Stars and Stripes Focus Stateside.

A few weeks after our October 3 meeting, bucd told people that he suspected Hansen of being a CIA agent. Read this when I was ten.

Budd Hopkins

Retrieved 31 October The woman, a widow of about sixty, claimed to have been driving on the Brooklyn Bridge at 3: Inntruders hybridization and the new daemonology”. New York Times28 October, p. Oct 23, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: The story is truly marvellous, and one might wonder intruddrs its origin.

Hopkins reports that the numbers have been traced to particular “agencies” he gave no further details. Linda visited Hopkins and discussed her past experiences with him. How did this come about? Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural. The reader cannot help but be involved in the story. Hopkins rejected the idea of sleep paralysis, calling it “the big hopkin du jour”, [39] and an inadequate explanation for those who experience abductions outside the bedroom.