We are now the distributor of all the in print handbooks published by The Conservation (TCV), formerly the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers ( BTCV). Bugs. BTCV handbooks online. Loads of really useful info, books include: Environments for All Local Action. Deer fencing is erected for any of the following purposes: To exclude deer from woodlands, including plantations, coppiced woodlands, newly planted amenity.

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Updated The content and illustrations in each book will be regularly updated to keep pace with standards and practices. When the barrier reaches about 1m 3′ high, stand on it to compress hansbooks, and then continue. The books are highly recommended by Naturenet.

Naturenet: BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)

It takes no time at all to get full access through our secure checkout. How to construct and repair dry stone walls, stone-faced earth banks, retaining walls and other dry stone features.

Clearly illustrated Over 2, line drawings accompany the text, adding clarity to text descriptions.

They cover a wide range of subjects, the titles of which are:. The single electric wire, placed on the side of attack, is normally enough to keep deer away, and deter nandbooks from attempting to jump the main fence.

The Handbooks Dry Stone Walling How to construct and repair dry stone walls, stone-faced earth banks, retaining walls and other dry stone features.


BTCV Practical Handbooks

Netting is much more effective than multiple line wires for non-electric fencing. In many parts of the country coppicing is urgently needed to restore old coppice woodlands to their proper cycle, but handboojs browsing of regrowth is a serious problem.

The series of TCV practical handbooks written mostly in the s and early s are the definitive publications giving comprehensive information about practical management tasks aimed at volunteer groups.

Go to Conservation Land Management. Sizes of deer netting are given on materials.

In some areas muntjac deer are causing significant damage to the ground flora of woodlands. Keep up-to-date with NHBS products, news and offers. The systems described below are useful for temporary fencing of coppices or newly planted woodland.

BTCV Practical Handbooks This series aims to help individuals and groups of volunteers undertake practical conservation work. The Forestry Commission designs see handboos and siting or other handboks described below are more versatile, and suit most woodland situations. Skip to main content. Covers walls from all around the country. A white tape attached to stakes to give extra height may act as a further deterrent.

For temporary fences, locally cut non-preserved poles are ideal for stakes and struts, and where large enough bbtcv are available, for strainers also.

Deer species differ in their susceptibility to electric shocks, with red deer the most, and roe deer the least susceptible. Footpaths The design, construction, maintenance and repair of rural footpaths and informal paths in urban areas. The basic procedure is the same as a normal height strained wire fence.


Tap cross to close filters. Maintenance and improvement of extremely fragile, valuable, natural habitats through manual work.

The handbooks were first published in the s and have been updated more recently. Benton Richard Fortey View All. Fences to enclose deer therefore have to be built to the highest specification, so there is no risk of failure. Go to British Wildlife. The fencing system is supplied by Btxv Rappa see supppliers. The design and construction of fences for conservation and amenity, as well as gtcv agricultural or other purposes.

Some of the profits we make from subscriptions on this site will be put straight back into making improvements to the handbooks. The rolls of netting are extremely heavy and require machine access along the fence line, and the netting is difficult to fit neatly on undulating ground. It will handbookks include photos and videos – something that the paper books don’t or can’t.