The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (abbreviated to BPHS) is a foundational compilation of Original text (in Sanskrit) बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र; Translations online (in English) [ Brihat. बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Parashara’s Vedic Horoscopy. Translation and commentary by Dan Nelson. In I was able to find a Sanskrit translations of the ​Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra I mentor to teach me Sanskrit until about mid consulted were the.

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In conclusion, what does appear unique to Parashara and what is certainly the most important part if not the gist of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra are: Guru in Simhasanamsh being in Lagn, Shani in Devalokamsh, and Mangal in Paravatamsh; if these are so, one will enjoy the life span as due to a sage. It will thus be clear that Amsh is Navamsh and not degree in this context. Parashara was the father of Vyasa, Vyasa being the esteemed composer of the Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita, in addition to which he is credited with having compiled and scribed the Vedas.

The five groups of Avasthas: If Rahu is in Nritya Lips Avastha, the native will contract a serious disease which seems difficult to subdue, will have afflicted eyes, and will have fear from enemies.

Should a malefic in Yuvati Bhava be in Nidr Avastha auspicious effects will follow, provided that sanskeit is no drishti from another malefic. The deity who preserves this world and makes for its welfare is called ganadevata. If Buddh is in Upavesan Avastha in Lagn, the native will possess the seven principle virtues; if Buddh in Upavesan Avastha is in Lagn, receiving a drishti from a malefic, or drishtis from malefics, or is yuti with malefics, penury will result; and if Buddh in Upavesan Avastha is in Lagn receiving a drishti from a benefic, or drishtis from benefics, or is yuti with benefics, financial happiness will follow.


One will serve others. Now, I’ll tell you about the full life span figures for various living beings.

Declare without a second thought auspicious effects following the location of a malefic in Putr Bhava, but only with Nidr Avastha or in Sayan Avastha. A sixth kind of relationship can also be extended in this context to Navamsh positions though there is no specific classic sanction for this.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Vic DiCara’s Astrology

The winowing of rice bears comparison to this. In the former there is elegance and dignity of the feminine while in the latter, the physical beauty brlhat the lure of feminine form which leads a male captive dominates. It follows that the Krithika of Vrishabha is brilliant but the brilliance does not burn, it is sqnskrit and sweet, and benign. If one wishes to learn the Rasi based techniques they must turn their attention to Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutrasa proper and useful translation of sastra is as of yet unavailable.

Amal Yog will confer fame lasting till Chandr and stars exist and will make the native honoured by the king, enjoy abundant pleasures, charitable, fond of relatives, helpful to others, pious, and virtuous.

One born in Shringatak Yog will be fond of quarrels, and battles, be happy, dear to king, endowed with an auspicious wife, be rich, and will hate women. No critical and comparative edition has been brought out to fix the problem of authentic parts of this treatise. This indicates Sbastra Avastha for Surya. The Devata is Brahma, the prime creator of all things shastta, from the meanest insect to Man, the beauty of the weird, the paragon of animals.


One born in Koot Yog will be a liar, will head a jail, be poor, brlhat, cruel, and will live in hills and fortresses. Lords of Kendras and Konas Related: The etymological meaning of Bharani is what deserves to be cultivated and preserved that is dependence, servitors, retainers or anything by which living is earned, for example salary.


Barring Chandr, if a grah among Mangal etc. Gods and sages enjoy endless life span i. The text of Pt Devachandra Jha was based on a large number of complete and incomplete manuscripts.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Also, at the same time his poetry enthralled the whole world. In suastra case of a day birth, if Chandr placed in its own Navamsh, or in a friendly Navamsh, receives a drishti from Guru, one will be endowed with wealth, and happiness.

According to which of the three: He was an activist from organization Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti. If four or five grahas occupy their exaltation rashis or Mooltrikon rashis, even a person of base birth will become king.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Wikipedia

Determining a person’s nature and character from their body parts. The Krithika of Vrishabha has on the contrary a softened radiance, a wave of brightness that does not hurt.

Out of these, I will give you the summary of BAl infant and brlhat states of the grahas in the first instance. If Guru is in Gaman Avastha the native will be adventurous; he will be happy on account of friends; he will be scholarly and endowed with Vedic learning and with various kinds of wealth. Surya’s role will depend on his association.

Good Yogas increase the life span and bad Parawhara decrease the same as arrived by mathematical means. Only Shukr is capable of causing a superior Yog.