BOWFLEX®, SCHWINN® and UNIVERSAL® and respective logos. .. 2. Assembly Manual. Product Specifications. TC TC TC Physical. Download Manual for Model TC BOWFLEX BOWFLEX TREADCLIMBER. Sears PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair. User manual for the device Bowflex TreadClimber TC Online user manual database.

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For example, the power cord is plugged intothe incoming power plug at the back of the base. Important Safety Precautions Turn off power,Nunplug cord from wall outlet, line up the treadles, and then lock or release the treadle locking lever. It is manial sole responsibility of the owner to ensure thatregular maintenance is performed.

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No fractions of, orpartial hours will be displayed. Assembly GuideAssembly InstructionsStep 1: Speed pickupwire from base. Speed pickupwire from left rearroller casting. During the entire calibration process, stand on the side foot support platforms or rubbermat only, do not stand on the walking belts! This will startPthe calibration procedure. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and is not transferable orapplicable to any other person.

This warranty is not transferableor applicable to any person other than theoriginal purchaser and is only applicable forproducts sold and used in the United Ttc5000 Canada.

bowflrx Unauthorized tampering with oropening the unit will void the warranty. Getting StartedBefore You Start1. Begin your workout using the appropriate instructions for your selected workout mode. If your Workout Level orweight changes, you must remember to change your settings on the console to insureaccurate calorie burn calculation. Failure to do so could result ininjury. Adjusting Workout Level SettingsIf you wish to change your Workout Level Settings during aworkout, you must get off the machine before changing the settings.

Workout Level Settings are dials located at the top of the HydraulicCylinders. Use the dial to line up your desired level with the whitearrow. Getting StartedWhen not in use, always lock the treadles and remove theSafety Manaul for safe storage.

Nanual will slow down to a complete stop. This fall in heart rate is fairly linear, decreasing by approximatelyone BPM per year. There is no strong evidence to suggest that training influences the decline inmaximum heart rate.


It should be remembered that individuals of the same age might have quitedifferent maximum heart rates. This screen toggles between the total calories burned whole number and calories per minute to one decimal place.

Getting StartedWalking Belt AdjustmentIf either of the walking belts seem to be tracking excessively to bowclex side or the other, adjustments can bemade at the front roller of each treadle. Standing in front of the unit you will seeadjustment bolts on each end of each front roller.

Workout InstructionsTest 2 1. This assures that each belt travels at the vowflex speed.

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Further, thetreadles are interconnected, which provides a balanced relationship between the left and right sides duringthe workout to give the most cushioned effect to your joints. To avoid injury, do not bowfoex on the treadles while startingor stopping the walking belts.

Starting belt speed is 0. Belts may take two to three seconds to start. Please consult your physician or health care professional before beginning anyfitness or dietary program. It is importantthat you practice every aspect of the plan toachieve optimum results. Body Leanness ProgramEating GuidelinesYou will be following a reduced-calorie nutritionprogram which is divided into three two-weeksegments.

The program is a manuql method forachieving maximum fat loss over a six-week period. It consists of a carbohydrate-rich, descendingcalorie eating plan and a super-hydration routine. Approximately 60 percent of your daily caloriesshould be from carbohydrates. The bofwlex in the Body Leanness Howflex plan are designed for maximum fat-losseffectiveness and nutritional value.

For bestresults, follow them exactly. Men — calories per day. Every attempt has been made to utilize currentpopular brand names and accurate caloriecounts, which are manua, in the menus. But, as youprobably realize, products are sometimes changedor discontinued. Choice of bagel, cereal or shake: Body Leanness ProgramShopping ListQuantities for listed items will depend on yourspecific selections. Review your choices andadjust the shopping list accordingly. It may behelpful for you to photocopy this list each weekbefore maanual your shopping.

What should I do? Try spacing your meals and snackswhere there are fewer hours between them. Some people who are used to drinkingregular coffee with caffeine notice headacheswhen they stop consuming coffee for severaldays. If this is the case with you, you mightwant to ease off the coffee more gradually.


My husband and I both want tolose 10 pounds and the children would alsolike to lose some weight.

Can I put the wholefamily on the program? ItThe number of calories per day is the problem. Teenagers require significantly more calorieseach day thanwhich is the highest level. Check with a registered dietician RD forappropriate recommendations.

Bowflex Home Gym TC User Guide |

Important contact numbersIf you need assistance, please have both the serialnumber of your machine and the date of purchaseavailable when you contact the appropriateNautilus office listed below. For technical assistance and a list of distributorsin your area, please call or fax one of the followingnumbers. All marks not listed above are mamual registered trademarks or trademarks of theirrespective companies. Page 7 Important Safety Precautions Page 18 Assembly GuideStep 2: Page 19 Assembly GuideStep 4: Page 20 Assembly GuideStep 6: Page 21 Assembly GuideStep 8: Page 22 Assembly GuideStep 9: Page 23 Assembly GuideStep Page 24 Assembly GuideStep Page 25 Assembly GuideStep Page 26 Assembly GuideStep Page 27 Assembly GuideStep Page 36 Getting Started8.

Page 38 Getting StartedWhen not in use, always lock the treadles and remove bowflx Key for safe storage. Page 44 Getting StartedWalking Belt AdjustmentIf either of bowfllex walking belts seem to be tracking excessively to one side or the other, adjustments can bemade at the front tc000 of each treadle. Page 46 Workout InstructionsTest 2 1.

Page 51 Workout Instructions 6. Page 54 Fast Fat Loss Now!

Page 56 Body Leanness ProgramEating GuidelinesYou will be howflex a reduced-calorie nutritionprogram which is divided into three two-weeksegments. Page 62 Body Leanness ProgramQ. Page 66 PartsWalking BeltsR. Page 69 Customer Service1. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing.

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