To say that Jorge Luis Borges was a librarian, of course, is like saying Wallace The concept Borges described in “The Garden of Forking Paths”—in several. Free summary and analysis of the events in Jorge Luis Borges’s The Garden of Forking Paths that won’t make you snore. We promise. Thus Borges’ “The Garden of Forking Paths” sets up a literary labyrinth, each path of which forks into another forking path until we are lost in a labyrinth of.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Hypermedia and Literary Studies. He was, as I have said, remarkably tall. Views Read Edit View history.

Borges: “The [New] Garden of Forking Paths” | Carolyn Norman Slaughter

The work of fiction: He was Governor of Yunnan and gave up temporal power to write a novel with more characters than there are in the Hung Lou Meng, and to create a maze in which all men would lose themselves. Indeed, the park boges bombed as Tsun goes on trial. The book is a shapeless mass of contradictory rough drafts. He at last hits upon a desperate plan in order to achieve this. I argued that it was 2 not so trivial, that were it not for the precious accident of the train schedule, I would be in prison or dead.

He hates Germany, for whom he committed the act. The phrase ‘to various future times, but not to all’ suggested the image of bifurcating in time, not in space.


Meditating thus I arrived at a high, rusty iron gate. However, when Yu Tsun lifts his eyes to the path in the garden, he sees only one man.

The Chief, however, had already solved this mystery. In another, you, crossing the garden, have found me dead. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. He returned holding in his hand a piece of paper which had once been crimson but which had faded with the passage of time: At one time, Ts’ui Pen must have said; ‘I am going into seclusion to write a book,’ and at another, ‘I am retiring to construct a maze.

It was not the pullulation of two divergent, parallel, and finally converging armies, but an agitation more inaccessible, more intimate, prefigured by them in some way. How could it reach the ear of the Chief? In despite of my dead father, in despite of having been a child in one of the symmetrical gardens of Hai Feng, was I to die now?

The Garden of Forking Paths – Wikipedia

In the midst of my hatred and terror now that it no longer matters to me to speak of terror, now that I have outwitted Richard Madden, now that my neck hankers for the hangman’s nooseI knew that the fast-moving and doubtless happy soldier did not suspect that I possessed the Secret – the name of the exact site of the new British artillery park on the Ancre. Sometimes the pathways of this labyrinth converge.

He spent thirteen years on these oddly assorted tasks before he was assassinated by a stranger. I recalled, too, the night in the middle of The Thousand and One Nights when Queen Scheherezade, through a magical mistake on the part of her copyist, started to tell the story of The Thousand and One Nights, with the risk of again arriving at the night upon which she will relate it, and thus on to infinity.


Search the history of over billion web pages forkinng the Internet. It seemed incredible that this day, a day without warnings or omens, might be that of my implacable death. A bird streaked across the misty sky and, absently, I turned it into an airplane and then that airplane into many bogges the skies of France, shattering the artillery park under a rain of bombs.

Philosophical conjectures take up the greater part of his novel.

The Garden of Forking Paths Quotes

Something – perhaps merely a desire to prove my total penury to myself – made me empty out my pockets. Ts’ui Pen was a fine novelist but he was also a man of letters who, doubtless, considered himself more than a mere novelist.

How can these voluntary omissions be explained? I have been condemned to hang.

He does not even use the word which means time. It was that of Captain Richard Madden.

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