New order of metro cars bring the number of MOVIA vehicles in Singapore to , making it one of Bombardier’s largest metro fleet in the. MOVIA metro cars, which are manufactured by Bombardier Transportation to provide a safe and cost-efficient service, are currently operational in a large number. Contract R Bombardier MOVIA CR Exterior. In service.

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Wheelchair Bay Two wheelchair bays are located in the middle car of every C train at doors 5 and 8.

The vehicles are environmentally-friendly, using the latest propulsion technology with low energy bombardiet, and they are up to 90 per cent recyclable. We have updated the terms of our Privacy Statement to reflect our commitment to conducting business in compliance with data protection laws wherever we do business. You can also contact one of our worldwide contacts for specific press inquiries.

Equipment Equipment for urban vehicles Equipment for mainline vehicles. The viewing space allows passengers to have a view of the tunnel bombardieer the windscreen. Our products and services provide world-class transportation experiences that set new standards in passenger comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and safety.

Constructed from stainless steel or aluminium, bombarxier weight-optimized carbody is based on a modular approach which enables a shorter manufacturing time.

Perch Seats Seats at the ends of each train car have been changed to perch seats, creating wider standing space for commuters. Maximum reliability and easy maintenance.

The Movia is designed around a modular approach, which allows it to be adapted for use across a broad range of applications. In addition, the end cab module is customizable.


Retrieved March 28, Three rows of overhead hand grips Lime Green. Combined, the two lines, running both above and underground, total km in length and serve 61 stations, with an average daily combined ridership of more than 1. Reduced operating costs have been achieved via the careful designing of the train carriages to readily facilitate access for maintenance and repairs, as well as for low lifecycle costs and with concern for environmental conditions.

The trainset numbers range from to In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The design was developed by Adtranz which was acquired by Bombardier in It covers the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from trains to sub-systems and signalling.

It also indicates which side the doors will open on. Comfort and capacity The spacious interiors of MOVIA metro cars can be customized to reflect capacity needs and design preferences.

Customers can choose from driver or driverless cabs and select from various design elements. Exterior The train sports a white exterior with flat, slanted sides. When it first opened, the SkyTrain system known now as Expo Line was Unlike most traditional metro trains, they usually have full-width gangways between carriages, allowing passengers to walk the entire length of the train.

Inanother 76 cars were ordered, bringing the total number of metro cars ordered to Three rows of overhead hand grips Yellow.

Best cost per passenger transported. High flexibility and scalability. The bottom of each doors have a frangible gap made of rubber that protrudes out, reducing the platform-train gap. The trains are made out of high capacity aluminum car bodies, resulting in slow-life cycle costs. A Delhi Metro Movia train.

The dynamic route map display panels provide commuters with their journey status updates and route information. Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in rail technology and offers the broadest portfolio in the industry.


Bombardier MOVIA C |

It provides integrated solutions that create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. There are three colour schemes in the train cars, with each colour applied to one car of the train. It is positioned lower bombarxier compared to trains along other lines. A partial number of the total fleet operates on the Stage 1 of Mocia Line since 22 December In addition, cars are fitted with noise insulation for a relaxing journey.

Bombardier MOVIA C951

Bombardier Transportation multiple units Bucharest Metro passenger equipment. An initial order of 73 trains were purchased under contract The DTL has a daily ridership of around , thus further enhancing commuter mobility, and helping to kovia a greener mode of transportation for Singapore.

For increased passenger safety, the metros feature end detrainment doors for rapid evacuation from train to track. Our high-tech, highly efficient MOVIA metros deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions around the globe. Customizable exterior design and interior layouts bommbardier operators can showcase their brands.

MOVIA metros – flexible solutions for growing cities

The first nine C trains entered service on 22 Decemberwith the Downtown Line 1. The metros can movepassengers per hour, per direction. These trains were delivered until Later, Bombardier also supplied the 20 km turnkey Millennium Line system, which entered service bombzrdier

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