Malmö’s re-orientation from industrial city to environmental and knowledge economy involved an international housing exhibition, Bo01, that acted as a. Bo01 was planned and built on a spectacular siteoverlooking the Öresund Strait between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden, as the European. Bo01 in Malmö, Sweden, began as an international housing exhibition in and has continued to develop as a permanent neighborhood near the city’s.

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Developers were therefore obliged to fulfill guarantees regarding the quality of architecture, materials and technology used throughout the development. CompareCards Rewards 7 cards that generate serious amounts of cash back. This page was last edited on 11 Marchat The experimental principles of this project are now being applied in other cities, like Tangshan in China, as part of an eco-district currently under construction that will span over 30 square kilometers.

Views Read Edit View history. In the Swedish city of Malmo, an old shipyard has been converted from industrial wasteland to spotless eco-district, setting a world class example for sustainable living.

Further utilisation of the good practice In the first stage, Bo01, energy use was higher than bp01. Debt Solutions Transfer your debt and pay no interest for 18 months.

A city for people and the environment. There will also be three schools and around fifteen preschools. At the beginning ofthe area had around 4, homes and approximately 10, jobs.

How one eco-project in Malmo changed the future of industrial wastelands

The preliminary evaluations also show that the actual energy use is closer to the target than in the earlier stages.

Positive experiences include the success of the exhibition form of development as both a marketing tool for the city and a catalyst for attracting further development malml a particular area.

However following the decline of the company the area was left largely abandoned. The expo would showcase what was achievable in terms of designing, planning and building to the highest quality and energy jalmo standards.


Malmö Bo01 | WWF

Bo01 is now a paragon of sustainable development, offering a multitude of dwellings for over inhabitants with further growth expected in the coming years. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. With the participation of over 20 developers, the plan has led to the transformation of 18 hectares A most significant positive experience was collaborating on and achieving a shared vision of sustainability among companies and organizations with different goals.

At present, it is mainly the eastern and western parts that are built on. Shipping facilities have since been replaced with homes, shops and office buildings whose energy needs are met solely with renewable sources. February Planning started: Story highlights A defunct shipyard in the city of Malmo, Sweden, has been transformed into a green, sustainable district The Bo01 project created a residence where percent of energy comes from renewable sources Food waste is converted into biogas for use in local buses The project didn’t meet all goals but has set an example now used in eco-projects in other parts of the world.

Nearly half of them purchased rights to at least two developments within the site. The rentable electric car fleet that was available to residents never took off, and the scheme was eventually withdrawn.

It was however not completed in time, and was not ready until To solve these problems, the company borrowed 40 million kroner from the city.

The complex was also designed to mimic a medieval town plan, with meandering paths connecting different areas and leading to the waterfront on the west side. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. The project is called ‘Bo01 – City of Tomorrow’ and it was started into meet the demands of a growing section of the Swedish population who wanted to change the world through a commitment to live more sustainably, and were willing to make sacrifices to do so.


Bo01 has since blossomed into a larger development now known as the Western Harbour and the entire city plans to be carbon neutral by Just over half of the area has current detai- led development plans. The expo would have two components; 1 an exhibition exploring radical visions of future living intended to provoke discussion, 2 a best practice exemplar pilot project for a mixed district.

These funds were used primarily to offset expenses associated with site cleanup and implementation of some of the more expensive infrastructure elements required to attain the ambitious goals for sustainability. Parts of the vision and the objectives have already been achieved. The decision was subsequently reached to make the initial investment in residential development on the site by means of a housing expo focused on sustainability — Bo01 City of Tomorrow.

Challenges experienced in the project include tensions between municipality and private developers. The area started becoming commercially defunct in the late 80s.

Västra Hamnen area – Bo01 – waterfront regeneration in Malmö

Meera Senthilingamfor CNN. A Swedish way to stay green — The Western Harbour in the city of Malmo is home to some of the most energy efficient houses in Sweden. This document describes the final master plan, the guidelines for the physical development of individual plots including requirements for sustainabilityand, most important, the clear allocation of responsibilities among the city, the exhibition team, and bk01 participating developers.

For example, a higher car ownership than anticipated meant a multi-storey carpark was subsequently built in the area.