Now she wanders New York, freed from the chains of heroin addiction but longing still for her lover’s kiss, the taste of blood on his lips, the echo of his thoughts in. Christopher Buecheler. Series By Christopher Buecheler; Books By Christopher Buecheler. Most Popular Books Blood Hunt: Part 2 of the II AM Trilogy. #2. BLOOD HUNT CHRISTOPHER BUECHELER PDF – Read “Blood Hunt” by Christopher Buecheler with Rakuten Kobo. Two Majors cut off the vampire Abraham’s.

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The main character, Two, was a bit more self centered this go round. I really hate what happened to Tori, I don’t know if I like the direction it is going in. Description Two Majors cut off the vampire Abraham’s head, reduced his remains to ashes, and scattered them to the winds. I really love two character and the way she not afraid to go after and do what she feels. Someone else commented that the story was a good balance of fantasy it is a vampire story after all!

Blood Hunt

My favorite part was when Two and Naomi injected the blood into Thereoen’s neck and he came back to life. View More by This Author. It was good to find out more of the history of the vampires, and to meet new characters.

I went christophrr to other vampires of various sorts, but Two was always in my back of my mind. To download from the iTunes Store, get chrisotpher now. To say Thereon’s return came as a complete surpris It took me longer to finish this book but not because of any fault of the novel, just that I got sidetracked by other projects It weaves 3 plot lines which I think will collide in book 3 hopefully and the vampire side isn’t cliched – well maybe a little but then I think it has to be a bit in this genre Still not over my vampire lit fixation – totally loved this.

He finds himself thrust into an unlikely adventure, journeying through jungles, mountains and plains to find the land of the ancients and the advanced technology they left behind … [ more ] Genre: Still, all of this is nothing It’s been six months since the events of The Blood That Bonds. Sarah’s contribution to the captives finding their way out of the Burilgi mess?

  AMP 221185-5 00 PDF

Jun 17, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was even better. I have independently published four highly-regarded novels: Feb 04, Peri rated it it was amazing.

All I can think about after this book is why did Naomi have to get suck a f’ed deal, completely just feel bad for her and then christopber happened to Stephen really got me upset.

I very much look forward buecheker the next book and seeing what directions all these beautiful characters are going in. When the Children of the Sun, the militaristic cult of vampire hunters, strike at a trio of vampires visiting Chicago, the peace is shattered … [ more ]. The book is definitely on the entertaining side of what I read, and it is really really good at precisely that — being fun without being totally mindless.

And in the end, you’ll be crying like a baby, maybe thanking Christopher for what he did, maybe cursing him. I am on-board until the very end of IIAM, but I wonder if Buecheler will bring something fresh to the vampire-hunter theme.

It was good to find out more of the history of the vampires, and to meet new cha This book was awesome. You know that feeling, when something bad-no not bad, life-shattering happens christophher a book hello Theroen is dead and you feel like boarding a plane to the authors doorstep, kicking his ass and demand for him to just FIX it?

I’ve never written a review before, so I’ll christpher this short and. Two is miserable with what her life has become, Buecbeler is miles away with her parents and she can’t face her friends or her existance as a human. Definately a 5 star book! And Christopher doesn’t stop at that, every time Two’s story becomes too much, every time you become unsure of what you want to happen, he jumps to Tori, the girl turned beast turned girl again. Apr 05, Timothy Liggins rated it it was amazing.


Honest truth, I was not “as” blown away with it as I was the first book. I don’t want to be a spoil sport- but I thank him with all my heart, because he did what I needed him to do, and he made it seem so logical that now when I know, I feel like nothing else could have happened.

Writing | Christopher Buecheler – Web, Writing, Cocktails and More

Yet I don’t mind, I’m going to enjoy the anticipation, the daydreaming about what could happen, the realization that whatever I’ll think of, Christopher will surprise me yet again, and however the series end, it will be right, and inevitable. The glood one was so fast and delved us into a world we knew nothing about, everything was on the edge of your seat.

For him, a city full of Ymmr, Zhaksarai, Shenj-tzu, and Hjarad is merely the cgristopher quo. Originally reviewed for daydrmzzz. Amber joined a cult. Like Two in Blood that Bonds, I need a vampire to come along to cure my addiction, and that ain’t happening anytime soon, so, yes, get on with it!

The Broken God Machine. During this time Two gets to know Naomi A LOT better wink-wink and Stephen takes on the role of mentoring Two in the art of training and fighting in preparation of chridtopher becoming a vampire once again, council willing.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Blood That Bonds.


There are other vampi He killed her lover, chgistopher for that crime and many others, Two Majors cut off the vampire Abraham’s head, reduced his remains to ashes, and scattered them to the winds. And maybe nothing else could.

Blood that Bonds had an atypical heroine in Two Majors– she was a heroin addict whose prostitution brings her in contact with vampire Theroen.