Blessed Unrest has ratings and reviews. Robert said: Paul Hawken’s new book, entitled Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Cam . “Blessed Unrest” is about a movement that no one has noticed, not even the people involved. “The movement,” as Paul Hawken calls it. The New York Times bestselling examination of the worldwide movement for social and environmental change Paul Hawken has spent more than a decade.

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His focus, as the subtitle of this book reveals, is “How the largest social movement in history is restoring vlessed, justice, and beauty to the world”. I like that it puts things in historical perspective so we can see the horrific things humans have done to each other and the earth and see what progress has been made.

I like this quote because the attitude is not that we ought to save the planet for future generations, but that our connection to future generations makes leaving a livable planet for them a desirable end. It hits the reader first as a revelation – because of the form, scale, and consequence of the phenomenon reported — and then as a tool.

References to this book Creating Sustainable Work Systems: Hawen 27, Nitin Dani rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If it is biology, may science touch the sacred. Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Fundamentally, it is a description of humanity’s collective genius, and the unstoppable movement to reimagine our relationship to the environment and one another. I’m not really sure who Hawken’s intended audience is or why he wrote this book. Never do to anyone what you would not have done to yourself. Before anything else, it should be noted that this is a great source book for a wide variety of organizations working to be helpful to the birth of the new world we must inhabit if we are to go on Paul Hawken’s writings are always at the cutting edge of environmental thought, original, surprising and shot through with optimism.


Paul Hawken Limited preview – With no invitation, they invade and take charge of the finite games of the world, not to win but to transform finite games into infinite ones. Now, finally, Hawken has put his arguments into print, in a book called Blessed Unrest: He seems to think that Christianity is haaken a belief rather than a call to action with the action being to love others as you love yourself.

Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came Into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming

Blessed Unrest is an uplifting perspective, engendering wonder and hope. I think the Paul Hawken is a great voice in the environmental movement because he doesn’t alienate the business world, but rather invites anyone who wants to to join in. Hawken, then, is in good company as ecological principles are gradually being wedged into urban planning and politics.

Paul Hawken has created a wondrous experience — a book that magically weaves together the world across time and place.

Blessed Unrest

Unresf movers and shakers on our planet aren’t the billionaires and the generals–they are the incredible numbers of people around the world filled with love for neighbor and for the earth who are resisting, remaking, restoring, renewing, revitalizing.


David Suzuki has been prescient for 40 years. To do the former, you must presume to know what the future should be.

Passages like these run rampant through the text: And there is even a larger issue, the matter of intent. Enlightenment was not an end–equanimity, kindness, and compassion were.

Instead, the thesis is of the book is an effective, elegant, and concise synthesis of crucial ideas from landmark books on the subject of civilization: Paul Hawken has written an important and significant book—intelligent, compelling, moving, and hopeful.

Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken | : Books

This is a system in which we should place our faith, because it is the only one that has ever worked eternally. The arthritic catechisms and rituals that we now accept as religion had no place in the precepts of these sages, prophets, and mystics.

In his hands, the civil society movement reveals itself as the action that has replaced the talk. Or let me put the question’ another way: This is a movement that has no name, leader, or location, but is in every city, town, and culture. On top of this crucial background stated here blezsed concisely and with as much interesting information as I’ve ever seen it donehe articulates the unique idea of the book: