Udham Singh – A short Biographical Sketch. Udham Singh was one of the great patriots of India, with a burning desire to see his motherland free from the. Udham Singh, a revolutionary nationalist, was born Sher Singh on 26 December , at Sunam, in the then princely state of Patiala. His father, Tahal Singh. Udham Singh born as Sher Singh was an Indian Revolutionary famous for assassinating Sir Michael O’Dwyer.

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Udham Singh being led away after the shooting It would seem so. Protestors against the arrests were fired biogrzphy by British troops, precipitating a riot. Public perception romanticized him as a man with a mission — a lone crusader, out to extract revenge. Retrieved 14 May India Office Library and Records. For other people named Udham Singh, see Udham Udhham disambiguation. Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh. Refresh If you already turned off the Ad Blocker.

Udham Singh was one of the great patriots of India, with a burning desire to see his motherland free from the clutches of British colonialism and imperialism. What is the use of waiting until you get old?

The Udham Singh story

While in San Francisco, he met up with the members of the Ghadar Party, which comprised of immigrant Punjabi-Sikhs who were conducting a revolutionary movement from the USA to free India from the tyrannical British rule.

He has a keen interest in history and historicity and jumps at every opportunity to explore people, places and events that have a connection with the past.

He lives in the hope that one of these days, some keen-eyed scientist will invent something actually useful, like a time machine, that will make zooming into the past a lot easier. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Udham Singh: The Man Who Avenged the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

He arrived in this vessel at Karachi in July,and deserted from her in Calcutta. I don’t belong to society or anything else. The two sailed for the United States via Mexico. From around the web. Thereafter he shipped for voyages in various vessels of the US Shipping Line according to his own account as a Porto Rican, because no Indians were allowed to be employed on US vessels.


On that fateful day, Udham Singh was serving drinking water to the congregation of people who had gathered together at Jallianwalla Bagh from the neighbouring villages for the Baisakhi festivities. He was jailed for four years till He was released from gaol on 23 October He has a keen interest in history and historicity and jumps at every opportunity.

Udham Singh biography, age, family, birthday & more – MYTHICAL INDIA

D usk was falling on March 13, Two shots hdham him and he was killed on the spot. BarnsburyEnglandUnited Kingdom. He stated that he had intended to murder Europeans who were ruling over Indians and that he fully sympathised with the Bolsheviks, as their object was to liberate India from foreign control.

Udham Singh returned to his village but found himself under constant watch by the British police as he was known to have a very close association with Off Socialist Republican Association established by Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries. It is said that Singh chose a public place for his assassination attempt so that he could create a furore and draw attention to the atrocities that the British had biohraphy out in India.

From there he successively travelled to Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria before reaching England in He managed to buy a revolver in a pub from a soldier, concealed it in the pocket of his jacket and gained entry to the hall.

By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. One of the attendees was a man named Udham Singh. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Some of his ashes xingh retained; these retained ashes are kept inside sealed urn at Jallianwala Bagh. Where does the army go from here.


I hope this will not be allowed to affect political judgement. This is the story of Udham Singh, the little-known freedom fighter who avenged the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

He was uxham and sentenced to five years in prison. Bhagat Singh and his Times.

Forgotten Hero: The Untold Story of The Freedom Fighter Who Avenged the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

While in America he appears to have come under the influence of Ghadr Party [Party of Revolt] and to have been affected by its teaching. On 31 JulySingh was hanged at Pentonville Prison. Why Modinomics will not usher in acche din in the short term Strong leader, a brittle virtue?

The year was and popular resentment against the British had been building up in Punjab due to their ruthless recruitment of soldiers as well as forced contributions to the funds for World War I. The arrests were met by widespread anger and discontent among the people of Punjab, with Amritsar erupting into violent riots between civilians and British troops.

However, Singh never forgot buography reason he had come to England for. This was considered rather strange, in view of the fact he had recently broken his arm, but as he had not at that time been identified as an Indian of extremist views no objections could be raised.

Back in Punjab, he devoted himself to publishing the Ghadr-di-Gunj, the radical journal of Ghadar Party.