Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs .. For example, on the full Wikipedia dataset, BinRank can answer any query in less. BINRANK: SCALING DYNAMIC AUTHORITYBASED SEARCH USING The idea of approximating ObjectRank by using Materialized subgraphs (MSGs), which. Effective Bin Rank for Scaling Dynamic Authority. Based Search with Materialized Sub Graphs. L. Prasanna Kumar. Abstract. Dynamic authority-based keyword.

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This measure is commonly used to describe the quality of approximation of top-K lists of exact ranking R E and approximate ajthority-based R A that may contain ties nodes with equal ranks. The main challenge of this approach is identifying a baseset B, which will provide a good RSG approximation for term t.

First, for many of the keywords in the corpus, the number of objects with non-negligible ObjectRank values is much less than V. Embodiments of the invention apply a greedy algorithm that picks an unassigned term with the largest posting list to start a bin and loops to add the mtaerialized with the largest overlap with documents already in the bin.

According to another embodiment of the present invention, a computer program product for processing a query comprises: For a given keyword query q, a query dispatcher 32 retrieves from the Lucene index 16 the posting list bs q used as the baseset for the ObjectRank execution and the bin identifier b q. No claim element herein is to be construed under the provisions of 35 U.

That is, all the non-negligible end points of random walks originated from starting nodes containing t are present in the sub-graph generated using B. The ObjectRank system 10 stores a graph as a row-compressed adjacency matrix. The computer-usable or computer-readable medium may be, for example but not limited to, an electronic, magnetic, optical, electromagnetic, infrared, or semiconductor system, apparatus, device, or propagation medium. Furthermore, the present invention may take the form of a computer program product embodied in any tangible medium of expression having computer usable program code embodied in the medium.

ObjectRank uses a query term posting list as a set of random walk starting points and conducts the walk on the instance graph of the database.

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In alternative embodiments, the secondary memory may include other similar means for allowing computer programs or other instructions to be loaded into the computer system. BinRank closely approximates ObjectRank scores by running the same ObjectRank algorithm on a small subgraph, instead of the full data graph. Mini Projects Java Projects. All terms with posting lists longer than athority-based system parameter maxPostingList are excluded.

BinRank: Scaling Dynamic Authority Based Search Using Materialized Sub Graphs

ObjectRank has successfully been applied to databases that have social networking components, such as bibliographic data and collaborative product design. US USA1 en According to a further embodiment of the present invention, a system comprises: In the context of this document, a computer-usable or computer-readable medium may be any medium that can contain, store, communicate, propagate, or transport the program for use by or in connection with the instruction execution system, apparatus, or device.

A variety mmaterialized algorithms are in use for keyword uding in databases and on the Internet. In block 42 materialized sub-graphs are pre-computed. Moreover, this approach is not feasible for all terms outside subbgraphs query workload that a user may search for, i. A method according to claim 2 wherein said identifying important nodes comprises identifying nodes receiving a non-negligible score during said random walk.

According to materiallized theorem, for a given term t, if the term baseset BS t is a subset of B, all the important nodes relevant to t are always subsumed within MSG B. In fact, the inventors have discovered that terms with strong semantic connections can generate good RSGs for each other.

BinRank: Scaling Dynamic Authority Based Search Using Materialized Sub Graphs – AngelList

Once the ObjectRank scores are computed and sorted, the resulting document ids are used to retrieve and present the top-k objects to the user.

This allows the system us to map each term to the corresponding bin and MSG at query time. For example, the PageRank algorithm utilizes the Web graph link structure to assign global importance to Web pages.

Once the MSG is constructed and stored in MSG storage 26it is serialized to a binary file on disk in the same row-compressed adjacency matrix format to facilitate fast deserialization. We know that pre-computing ObjectRank for all terms in our corpus is not feasible. An ObjectRank value of v, r vis non-negligible if r v is above the convergence threshold. It should also be noted that, in some alternative implementations, the functions noted in the block may occur out of the order noted in the figures.


The edge construction takes 1. Free ppts Java PPTs.

BinRank: Scaling Dynamic Authority-Based Search Using Materialized Subgraphs – Semantic Scholar

The mapping of terms to bins is remembered, and at query time, the corresponding bin for each term usimg be uniquely identified, and the term can be executed on the MSG of this bin. The first goal is controlling the size of each bin to ensure that the resulting sub-graph is small enough for ObjectRank to execute in a reasonable amount of time. The precomputation can be parallelized with linear scalability. As can be seen from the above disclosure, embodiments of the invention provide a practical solution for scalable dynamic authority-based ranking.

BinRank: Scaling Dynamic Authority-Based Search Using Materialized Subgraphs

In ObjectRank, the role of edges between objects is the same as that of hyperlinks between web pages in PageRank. We are proposing the BinRank algorithm for the trade time of search.

Fortunately, real-world text databases have structures that are far from the worst case. If an actual query workload is not available, W includes the entire set of terms found in the corpus. The retrieved nodes are transmitted as the results of the query in block Also, it is noted that there are three important properties of ObjectRank vectors that are directly relevant to the result quality and the performance authoritg-based ObjectRank.

A method according to claim 1 wherein said generating further comprises for each term, storing in a field of a text index corresponding term group identifiers. From the above description, it can be seen that the present invention provides a system, computer program product, bnirank method for implementing the embodiments of the invention.

A random walk is then executed over each partition in block