Read “Binding Krista” by Jory Strong online on Bookmate – Fallon Mates, Book One For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jory Strong has been writing since childhood and has Binding Krista (Fallon Mates Book 1) – Kindle edition by Jory Strong. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Fallon Mates: Binding Krista [Jory Strong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book 1 in the Fallon Mates series. For Adan d’Amato and Lyan.

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Adan and Lyan are searching their mate who is Krista. Other books in the series. Filtering Exclude erotica Include mainstream erotica Include all erotica. The desire, tenderness, and protectiveness that Adan and Kriista felt towards Krista were very genuine. She runs into Adan and Lyan at the casino and later has a threesome with them. The connection mentioned between Lyan, Adan, and Krysta is basically pure erotica in its form and the way it’s put across.

Snowed in With the Alien Doctor:.

I wanted to see angelic creatures. I would like having more using of these wings in the story. They find her again and use every sensual weapon they have to make her mindless with pleasure and unable to escape. She considers running, but she does Among her reasons for not bolting?

I wouldn’t mind learning more about her world and the different characteristics that Adan and Lyan have were also fun and very sexy.

Smashwords – Binding Krista – a book by Jory Strong

Do you really doubt our ability to secure our bond-mate? The sex in Binding Krista is almost all menage and it’s quite jlry. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. There were unending contradictions that first puzzled me but ultimately amused me. I know it’s going krusta be laughed at but there seemed to be way too much erotica in the book, I found myself skipping a lot of it in most of these books.


Krista has bindjng idea that she is attracted to aliens. No need for spoiler warnings, since I didn’t finish this thing. Lyan does what he wants and as such stays in trouble with the Council most of the time. They never thought they would be matched with strojg mate on Earth. For the warriors, it’s a simple quest—go to Earth, bind their mate to them, then return home. Honestly, neither had much of a character, so there’s not even any need to separate them. If not for the genes of our shared ancestors, there would be no hope for either the Vesti or the Amato and both of our races would be doomed to extinction.

A good read and a great start to a fun series. He was rock hard, ready. The intro to the next mate pair though – between Savannah, Kye, and Draigon – just seems too spicy to miss. Her ex-boyfriend – and this is not even my own sarcastic remark, this is her actual trail of thought – would not hire guys like those. I will say that it joru a refreshing change to see them get together rather quickly and then they have issues they need to deal with and work together.

When binidng not hunched over her computer, lost in the muse and conjuring up new heroes and heroines, she can usually be found reading, riding horses, or walking dogs. By Council rules Krista must be willing and the binding must be done immediately before she is brought back to their world, because once she accepts the bond, she will know that Adan For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure the continuance of their race. Between the noise that their mechanical machines made, and the sound of their voices, it was enough to send a less-seasoned iory running for cover.


Yet she sees two guys – attractive guys Learn more about Jory Strong. Not of This World. I love it however and will go and find the next book in the series. Books by Jory Strong. Suddenly he had to fight for air, fight even to keep his balance. Only lrista accepting their storng of the blue dinner invitation, and having dinner with them, does she run when they mention bounty hunters.

Binding Krista

A serious turn off. We will see if you remain amused as this plays out. Captured by the Cyborg. I love this book — it was difference, and Ms. The sex scenes were steamy. Krista is on the run from a former boyfriend This is the first book in the Fallon Mates series. The Council scientists have found a match in Krista Thomas–a genetically compatible human. It was an ok book. Want to Read saving…. Without the wings of the Vesti and Amato she seems fragile, in need of a strong male to care for her.

I gave it 4 stars because I did enjoy it, it was different than the other series like it. No wonder our appearance gave rise to their legends of angels and demons!

Her reaction flooded his being with the desire to protect her even as blood pounded through him in anticipation of a chase.