This site gathers text and translation of certain texts relating to the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha, the code of discipline for Buddhist nuns. It was undertaken as part of . Interest, purity, the suitable time, the number of bhikkhunis and the advice. The four features to be suitable. The day of the full moon, all the. The Bhikkhuni Vibhanga contains the explication and analysis of that 40%, to create a comprehensive Bhikkhuni Patimokkha vocabulary, as well as a new.

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In many ways, friend, the Blessed One has described obstructive acts, and when indulged in they are genuine obstructions.

For lay people also there are many discourses, as inspiring and rich in meaning as bhikkhunii find in the Sutta Pitaka. Bring me that one of mine. Some writers have interpreted these added rules as sign of an attempt to oppress the bhikkhunis unfairly, but it should be noted that:.

Patimokkha – Wikipedia

These will be referenced together with the monastic code texts patimo,kha traditions that have already passed out of active Buddhist monastic communal use but from which much which is of value from our Buddhist heritage can still be gleaned and understood. Bhikkhus, [the Buddha is apparently addressing the bhikkhus who will inform the bhikkhunis of this training rule] a training rule is to be understood, is to be asked patlmokkha, is to be pondered.

The Robe-cloth Chapter If that unrelated man or woman householder presents the bhikkhuni with many robes pieces of robe-clothshe is to accept at most enough for an upper and an under robe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The View Chapter [ 69 ]. The bhikkhunis are not prejudiced by favoritism, are not prejudiced by aversion, are not prejudiced by delusion, are not prejudiced by fear.

Here, the size of the Sugata robe is this: This refers to the ordinary confession of offenses, where no formal interrogation is involved. Should any bhikkhuni stand or converse with a man, one on one, in the darkness of the night without a light, it is to be confessed.


Of these, are shared with the Bhikkhu Patimokkha: Should any bhikkhuni stand or converse with a man, one on one, in the open air, it is to be confessed. Retrieved November 18, If it should not be enough, she may lay it aside bhikkhyni a month at most if she has an expectation for filling the lack.

The Maiden Chapter Should any bhikkhu, when the Patimokkha is being recited every half-month, say, “Just now have I heard that this case, too, is handed down in the Patimokkha, is included in the Patimokkha, and comes up for recitation every half-month;” and if other bhikkhus should know, “That bhikkhu has already sat through two or three recitations of the Patimokkha, if not more,” the bhikkhu is not exempted for being ignorant.

Should any bhikkhu hide another bhikkhu’s bowl, robe, sitting cloth, needle case, or belt, or have it hidden, even as a joke, it is to be confessed. Should any bhikkhu have a robe made the size of the Sugata robe or larger, it is to be cut down and confessed.

The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha

Should any bhikkhuni knowingly and by arrangement travel together with a caravan of thieves, even for the interval between one village and the next, it is to be confessed.

Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, now known as Dhammananda Bhikkhuniis a Thai scholar who took bhikkhuni ordination in Sri Lanka and returned to Thailand, where bhikkhuni ordination is forbidden and can result in arrest or imprisonment for a woman.

Should any bhikkhuni lie down in the same lodging with a man, it is to be confessed.

I will not look at another’s bowl intent on finding fault: Evasive speech and uncooperativeness are to be confessed. When a bhikkhuni is giving herself an ablution, is to be given only to the depth of two finger joints and using no more than two fingers.


If while being rebuked up to three times he desists, that is good. Here, the size of the Sugata robe is this: Should any bhikkhuni follow a bhikkhu suspended by a Patimkkkha of bhikkhus acting in harmony, in line with the Dhamma, in line with the Vinaya, in line with the teacher’s instructions, and he is disrespectful, has not made amends, has broken off his friendship with the bhikkhusthe bhikkhunis should admonish her thus: Let bhikkguni lady admonish the bhikkhunis in accordance with what is right, and the bhikkhunis will admonish the lady in accordance with what is right; for it is thus that the Blessed One’s following is nurtured: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Restraint in Accordance with the Patimokkha –

This is the proper occasion in this case. It is all right if, being a friend, she does homage with scents, vhikkhuni. If he should stay longer than that, it is to be confessed.

I will not eat making a slurping noise: As far as the Abbey knows, this was the first time a Western bhikshuni sangha practicing in the Hbikkhuni tradition had done this ritual in the United States and in English.

Should any bhikkhuni knowingly ordain a woman thief sentenced to death, without having obtained permission from the king or the Community or the governing council or the governing committee or the governing guild — unless the woman is allowable i. The parajikas are more specific definitions of the first four of the Five Precepts. Should any bhikkhuni, having given consent by proxy to a formal act carried out in accordance with the rule, later complain about the actit is to be confessed.

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