Discussion Questions for Bewitching Season (pdf format) (Persy) and Penelope (Pen) Leland are anticipating their first London season with mixed feelings. Chapter One. April –Mage’s Tutterow, Hampshire, England. “My God, Persy, you killed him!” “I did not!” the Honourable Persephone Leland snapped back. Betraying Season. Henry Holt Books for Young Readers/Square Fish Paperback $ ($ CAN) ISBN Read an excerpt.

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She needs a third witch, preferably family, to help invoke the power of the Triple Goddess to get her spell to work.

Mar 03, Miss Clark rated it liked it Shelves: Fans of historical mysteries will find this a page-turner. See 1 question about Betraying Season…. I thought it was really neat that the main characters were twins who really didn’t have much in common.

Pen didn’t so much change throughout her sister’s adventure as had her eyes opened and Betraying Season is the result of this new knowledge. What it is is that we get to see Pen’s struggle as she tries to change, as she tries to do better, to be better, and this is a struggle which we can all relate to.

It gives a sense of the difficulties for a teen girl during that time period without being boring. I would highly recommend Bewitching Season to historical fiction and fantasy fans!

But when does duty to his mother become true love for Penelope? I’ll continue the series as they follow the one sister’s journey. At times I thought I would give it 4, at others I was leaning more towards 3, but I was able to justify the reasons for my complaints.


She finds him interesting, handsome, and wants to know him better – those are all fine reactions to have when you first meet a person. Hard feelings and lies take the place of love when Lady Keating sees her son as a threat to her plans to destroy the reigning Queen.

And that is why she’s in Ireland. Only pathetically check them out at libraries Doyle never goes beyond the surface, giving us the bare bones of the story and leaving it at that. Will she even believe his claims about his mother?

Betraying Season

I didn’t like this book as much as the first book, perhaps because it seemed so obvious that Lady Keating isn’t what she seems and after the coyle in the first book, shouldn’t Pen be more wary? Their romance was sweet and destined and full of misunderstandings, but was always a given. I did get very frustrated with Persy being constantly down on herself. I wasn’t especially enthusiastic about this seasoh. Still, I did get through this book without quitting, a ton of page flipping, or that much effort, and for that alone it escapes a lower rating.

BEWITCHING SEASON by Marissa Doyle | Kirkus Reviews

The chemistry between Persy and Loch was stupendous, The third person narration kept me in agony about these misguided lovers. I adored the first book in this series, Bewitching Season, for its fairy-tale like magic and romance.

She doesn’t believe him like I said. They just skip it. You think her being a witch, she’d Persy would get very annoying wi I really enjoyed this book; it wasn’t perfect or an all time favorite, but it was still a pretty great read. As they find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of balls and parties and unwanted – or sometimes wanted – male attention, they must occasionally resort to somewhat unorthodox means.


I felt sometimes that she was pushing too hard. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The twins eventually seaso that it is not only their beloved Ally who is in danger.

Seasoon doesn’t hurt that Lady Keating’s son, Niall, isn’t hard on the eyes. Take that publishers, muahaha! Overall, although I have some complaints, I really liked this book. After her twin sister saved Princess now Queen Victoria from a dastardly magical plot, the Honorable Miss Penelope Leland realizes that she must dedicate herself to her magical studies if she is ever to become as gifted a witch as Persephone.

But that’s the fun of this book. The magical aspect of the book never seemed phony, which was refreshing. To do so, she has followed her former governess, Ally, to her new home with her husband in Ireland.

Apr 29, Rachael rated it it was amazing. From the dialogue doy,e the characters, everything just felt really dry. Michael on the other hand is forced into a situation and instead of doing the right thing he caves. This time is a whirl of dresses and balls, tea 3.