BENQ-SIEMENS EL71 Manual Online: Charging The Battery, Entering The Pin, Emergency Number (sos). Power Supply Unit Into A Mains Power Socket And. The BenQ-Siemens EL71 is a slider-type GSM triband mobile phone created by BenQ Mobile. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. In particular, someone may call model BenQ Siemens EL71 the new flagship of . But I suppose the majority of users will just pass this fact by.

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For each record you can see detailed information date and time. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. Yet the average life time is userr poor and significantly differs for the worse from all the products introduced on the market.

Computer sync Phone features Notifications: A part of the rear side is occupied by a 1. The handset will become available in April.

Having selected one of those dates, you will see how the bottom of the screen gets filled up with appointments, which can be instantly browsed. Usefully, there’s a music cable available, which allows you to plug directly into the analogue inputs of a stereo, so you can play back your music for all to hear, without having to rely on the tinny loudspeaker. The upper end features slot for pass a strap through; next to it one will find a button, locking the back cover. I have the phone myself and the problem I have is that the phone just blinks when switched on and that’s the ends.

If you are not completely satisfied with the capacity provided by the default browser, I strongly recommend installing Opera Mini — one of the best clients out there. Speed wise, the device is inferior to many other handsets, representing the same class —its affected mainly by the increased resolution and out-of-date platform. And on the other hand when managing the device in closed condition, everything works out perfectly, as your hand will hold the handset in the only possible and right manner.

  750-881 WAGO PDF

When inserted valid SIm card and powered on the phone.

BENQ-SIEMENS EL71 User Manual: Charging The Battery; Entering The Pin; Emergency Number (sos)

In this model the ways are made in the form of metallic rods — a very familiar construction, known since the first products by Samsung. Considering the pleasing fact that all birthdays are automatically directed to the Calendar, the developers provided a function for turning off their appearance on the general list. Up to entries are stored in the memory of each call type — wl71, outgoing and missed.

The design of EL71 is easy distinguishable against the background of all the modern slides owing to two reasons: The phone is armed with an auto-completion mechanism, thus there is no way you will experience with sliding it open or closing, at that you hear a distinctive sound a mechanical shock or the halves as there is no clicking system incorporated.

In other words the phone requires charging every evening. Traditionally here you can find settings for call costs and time limitations; this requires entering PIN-code. This happend when i answerd the phone and suddendly Scrolling through the menus proved to be a bit uaer and there seemed to be the odd lapse in logic regarding navigation. My stuff Traditional File Manager from Siemens.

The device supports the following formats: So the only way to solve this problem for users of the EL71 is being careful when getting a grip on the open phone. By tradition you are at liberty to make up a My Menu of your own. Capacity – The bigger, the better! The words that are not present in the database can be saved afterwards. The application conducts search by name, type and creation date. Countdown time is extended owing to provided sub-settings for cooking eggs, rice, potato etc.

The interface has also been re-worked for the better; to be precise the icons look way better, what adds some more points to the handset.


BenQ-Siemens EL71 | TechRadar

The reception quality of the device is beyond question, ring tones are heard in almost any environment, while 64 tone polyphony steps aside at the sight of mass MP3 tunes usage. As for formats which videos can be stored in — the handset offers both 3GP and mpeg4 with the possibility ueer setting playback to full-screen mode.

Where in Cape Town South Africa can i buy the battery for this phone? But should we even touch upon the software kit, the phone may be given up for lost — the amount of bugs and flaw in the default ek71 is enormous. As for the second loudspeaker, it is positioned more towards the top of the slider and hidden by the metallic plate of the battery cover.

BenQ-Siemens EL71 – Full phone specifications

While shooting video, you can apply digital zoom and brightness control. At any rate the difference seemingly comes to one line.

Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they can exhibit much more saturated colors sometimes too much and incredibly high contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays. For instance, while you should be able to get around hours of voice messaging on the internal memory, there’s no fast key access to help you get those flashes of inspiration down quickly, and while in theory you should be able to programme one of the soft keys for this, we couldn’t get it to work.

Incidentally, it hasn’t yet been announced what size of microSD card, if any, will be supplied with the EL71 – this will depend on which networks take it up, or on special offers from retailers.