Taken represents the next chapter not only in the life of Alex Verus but in the life of author Benedict Jacka as well, as they both grow in their abilities. It is with. Taken. Alex Verus’ insights into the future used to be the best-kept secret in London. Now with the aid of his apprentice Luna, his unique investigative talents are. Taken (Alex Verus, book 3) by Benedict Jacka – book cover, description, publication history.

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Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace—and someone on the council might be involved. I have seen many reviews about books that say, ” I couldn’t put it down”, “I read all night”, etc. Alex Verus has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects. Because, who doesn’t love to test one’s abilities by using them in a terrifying context?

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FYI, I’m old enough to not be the target audience for fantasy books, but also old enough to know that fantasy books are wayyyyy better than reality, so then shouldn’t that make me the target audience? Alex Verus then goes undercover to figure out all he can about this disappearances. If you’ve followed the series up to this point you’ve gotten to know Alex and he’s sort of building a reputation that he’d often rather not ta,en with the magic community. Description Welcome to Fountain Reach Ancient seat of the Aubuchon dynasty Majestic setting of the White Stone tournament Alex Verus’s not necessarily reliable reputation attracts all sorts.


The way Mage society is run makes no sense.

It makes sense and is different enough from everything else to make it feel unique. Paperbackpages. Welcome to Fountain Reach.

There are two mysteries here — one is regarding the missing apprentices and the other is the one behind the attempts to kill Anne. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks.

Taken by Benedict Jacka book review

The wait for 4 will seem endless. Verus is a delightful character – not one of those out to kill everybody type heroes, but more of a thinker and a planner and very adept at using all the magical skills he has been blessed with.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Two Ravens and One Crow: The basic premise between magesLight or Darkis if you’re not their tool, you’re their enemy.

Taken : Benedict Jacka :

He finds old acquaintances and grudges of the past, he’s introduced to new characters along the way, and he finds a lot of tajen too. Alex Verus’s not necessarily reliable reputation attracts all sorts.

While at the outset of the series, I had the impression that a mage who main ability was to see into future, would quickly become boring. Taken 6 13 Jun behedict, Arachne is a ten-foot-tall spider who both weaves and designs beautiful clothes.

Alex Verus is a diviner who can see probable futures – a talent that’s gotten him and his friends out of many a tough scrape. I have books on my phone, tablet, computer, and actual books in the bathrooms.

The world has fallen into war. Remember, “light” is just a term, as Alex puts it, at least the Dark mages are honest. The world is dark, with some terrible people, but not graphically so.


Whew, there are currents within currents in this story. Maybe I’m taking this books deeper than the author intend them to be, maybe Jaccka enjoying them in a too-much serious fashion. Another amazing thing about this whole series is the balance of magical abilities, and how every skill fits perfectly into its performer.

Taken by Benedict Jacka

There are a few instance where characters were revealing clothing and several instances where characters insinuate that there may be a romantic or sexual relationship between parties.

Feb 13, Tim The Enchanter rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was glad that some of the usual suspects didn’t make a showing in this outing, but I suspect they will be back. Anne, the classmate, is intriguing as well as scary. This really is as good a series as the Dresden Files and I would just love to see Alex Verus team up with Harry Dresden to wipe the floor with all those nasty Dark Mages.

The inves Alex is the kind of character I love: I good little weekend read that is starting to gather some steam. Exciting and thrilling, the third Alex Verus book sealed me as a firm reader and a fan of the series.