Belladonna by Karen Moline – book cover, description, publication history. Belladonna was sold as a sexual slave for $1 million. After years of abuse at the hands of an anonymous English aristocrat and his peers she escapes with her. Filled with the mesmerizing eroticism of an Anne Rice novel, this new work by the author of “Lunch” presents the tale of a mysterious woman whose tortured past.

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How many people get the chance to get their revenge against someone who wrongs them? Difficult to grasp all the characters when I only listened for 30 minutes each day. I loved how the author really brought you into this world where everything was dark, but even through the darkness, things like humanity, unconditional love, and hope still came through. It gives it a flair that I think would be missing if Belladonna, or even his brother Matteo, told the story.

I found this book at a Dollar Tree when I was in middle school. Jul 03, Bettina rated it it was amazing. It’s gotten me to look for more audiobooks read by Tim Curry. Why or why not? VanWyck Mason historical about the Brimstone Club. I do love a good revenge story.

The story is narrated by a man named Tomasino, one of the few men that Belladonna truly trusts along with his twin M Isabella Ariel Nickerson is kidnapped and auctioned for 1 million pounds in s England. If you like books with heroines who are deeply damaged and twisted If you read long enough into the book you’ll fin I read this book when I was probably far too young to read it, so when I found it in a bookstore I decided to buy it again and read it from a grown woman’s perspective, and yep What did you like best about this story?


If everyone was honest with themselves, I think everybody harbors fantasies of “revenge” against someone who has wronged them at some point in life.

I liked best the enuchs story, you didnt realise at first there was a story there, or how they had come together, but it all suddenly made sense. I absolutely love the story, the characters and even the not so pleasant parts of this book. Would you recommend this book to a friend? And when he does, her exquisite plan for vengeance can finally begin Moline draws too many characters from the cliches of thriller novels, too. I think the concept of revenge appealed to me, as it would many people.

Which character — as performed by Tim Curry — was your favourite? A true novel of revenge, its graphic accounts in tasteful – and shocking – detail of Isabella’s life of servitude, abuse and emergence as a powerhouse of her own will and determination, Moline takes you on the ride of your life.


While there are definitely parallels between this story and the Story of O, Belladonna is much less artsy, less “literary”, as Story of O, and not a very fair comparison. Mesmerizing and disturbing, this is the tale of Belladonna, who only wants revenge for having been destroyed by a Club blladonna men who bid for her use.

Molune, intrigue and vengeance bwlladonna a kind only found in fiction make the reader both witness and i This is by far my favorite book. Not a dull moment. I first picked up this book as a teenager. I admire him as an actor and now as a story teller. After this book, I’m not sure I ever want to let me daughters out of my sight!

Belladonna: A Novel of Revenge by Karen Moline

There is no “finished this book” date because I have read this book belladona times over the years. It didn’t take me more than four days to read it; I couldn’t put the book down at all! Slow to develop, The story is intriguing and I listened all the way to the end. Belladonna is a very good read and will keep you engaged for days! Curry’s reading made this selection a winner. So many molinw play out in Belladonna, as the story unfolds you want to weep for the character and those surrounding her, this explores dominance at it’s cruelest, bittersweet revenge?


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Butterfly by Harvey was miles better and now I want to re-read th I do love a good revenge story. Dec 16, Nancy Brady rated it really liked it. Definately not one if you dont like sex scenes – its not littered with them though, its not thatkind of book.

Starts out slow, then picks up the pace. A very deeply moving and engrossing read, one you won’t want to put down and won’t want to finish.

Jun 12, Jen rated it it was ok. Erotica is intense but implied more than graphically described. On the whole, the novel’s quite trite and unconvincing. Belladonna is a young girl who gets kidnapped while she is in England visiting with her cousin June, and is essentially auctioned off by members of a sadistic “Club” that sells young girlsfor the purposes While I love historical fiction, this is not the normal type of book that I dive into, however I actually read it in one sitting because I stayed up all night reading it.

She calls herself Belladonna, and she lives for one purpose–revenge. He really made the book for me. From the first few paragraphs I was drawn in.