6 user reviews on Behringer UltraVoice VX +. Behringer UltraVoice VX UltraVoice VX, Other Studio Effect from Behringer. 6 user reviews. VX ULTRAVOICE. High-Performance Mic Preamplifier/Voice Processor s Professional BEHRINGER products by purchasing the ULTRAVOICE VX Find great deals for Behringer VX Ultra Voice Pro Mic Preamp Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. In my case coupled with a Rode NT2and having assimilated the configuration of the VX, the catch proved clean, precise and clear Sort by most recent most useful.

So of course, it will take longer than a Neuman mic preamp and an Avalon, but hey, this is not the same budget either. A remake for the price I would go faster for ” presonus tube pre ” cheaper and far more efficient. The ideal is to always have the compressor on.

For the value, it is still interesting as a preamp booster, to repeat, or for public entertainment in which the sound quality is not optimal, but the VX is to be avoided for any work pro but hey, it doubted the pros already seen the price and brand I bought this unit because I did not really want to spend my money because I’m not a singer “pro”.

Brett, I second or third or whatever the RNC suggestion.

Our members also liked: Log in Become a member. The settings are super weird that I was accustomed to the use of multi-effects, or Plugz, in short I turned, I trounais the knobs still having sound The special has finished, but you can always ask!


Well at least it preamplifier. Unfortunately, it was after that things start to go wrong. The only functions that I use on this unit are: You can get a good sound coming into the mic pre stage and then mess it up when running it through the processing.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. But good is not too much to ask some of the floors esser, excite.

Behringer Ultra Voice Pro VXany good? – Home Recording forums

A button “absence” can I quote “to reduce the portion of the voice hoarse. I’ve had a VX for about 8 months. All times are GMT If you have, there is the lamentable result. The neophytes are therefore left to their own to successfully make the most of this unit.

This problem arises mainly if we put the “main fader” to a minimum and the input gain of the microphone halfway down while turning up the gain on the mixer, all with a condenser microphone.

I think i’ll definately get one At ease everywhere, quickly set, cheap you get what you pay even a little more. I then reworked the whole Plugz with audio. There is no lamp. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The connections are made by jacks or XLR.

For the price, there is nothing wrong. It beringer on many things. Rendering suits me perfectly, and yet around me will tell you how much I’m a perfectionist! Will it make your vocals better? What made a clean get without breaking the bank. The unit has my high recommendation. Characteristics already detailed on the manufacturer’s website Here we have several stories that excite, opto-desseur, tube-simulation, compressor, parametric eq Everything else is turned off.


In short it takes many days of haggling to see how much resolve the thing. Behringer What a mistake! Different mic pres or in this case “channel strips” work better with different mics.

Behringer Ultra-voice Vx2000 for One Recording Session Mic Preamp

Also, if you are thinking about buying one, I recommend humbuckermusic. Problems made me rant like distortion sound with the c and tlm Request a new review. I have a VTB For the price it is a decent unit. My only qualm is that it is a single channel unit. Like Thomson, I banish this mark on future purchases well, we’ll see The VX does seem to work well with a Marshall V67 even though this is not an extremely “warm” mic The main concern with a channel strip is the fact that it provides EQ, compression and other processing – each of which requires some understanding to use.

Brett, you’d go direct from the preamp to your soundcard, but you’d ideally want to match the operating levels of the preamp output and soundcard input Thanks for your response. And then a miracle! I might look into the SP Vtb1 aswell.

In my opinion with a condenser microphone can not hear it! On the other hand, professionals shun the device to the small number of feature settings no adjustments attack compressor simplisticI personally am using the preamp and compressor.

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