Title: Behold the Man. Author: Michael Moorcock. Genre: Science Fiction. Publisher: Gollancz Publication Date: New Edition 11 Nov (First. can’t really call me a spoiler if the merchandise is already spoiled. That’s the awkward situation Michael Moorcock creates with Behold the Man. Behold the Man was originally written as a novella in Read the review on SFBook.

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The Island of Dr. Cak samog svetog Petra zove Petar iako to nije njegovo ime samo kako bi sve bilo sto autenticnije.

Behold the Man

He became editor of Tarzan Adventures inat the age of sixteen, and later moved on to edit Sexton Blake Library. And Pilate said to them Behold the Man. Josif je siromasni stolar a devica Marija jedna debela krmacetina. When he asks Karl to baptise him, however, the latter panics and flees into the desert, where he wanders alone, hallucinating from heat and thirst. That is a personal rating I give. The Saliva Tree by Brian W. All these Christ- like characters in Moorcock’s oeuvre seem variations on a theme: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Some of the best ideas are those that cause contention and this book is no exception. Karl Glogauer is a Jewish devotee of Jung, a neurotic, failed psychiatrist who is obsessed with Jesus.

This short novel is the best theological science fiction ever written. No matter which cultural viewpoint you hail from, the story has potential effect. Want to Read saving…. Feb 23, Manny rated it really liked it.


Moorcock, indeed, makes much use of the initials “JC”, and not entirely coincidentally these are also the initials of Jesus Christ, the subject of his Nebula award-winning novella Behold the Man, which tells the story of Karl Glogauer, a time-traveller who takes on the role of Christ.

Should your view of Christianity be too narrow, however, inevitably offense will be given. Jan 22, Mark Lawrence rated bshold it was ok. Technology is not a prominent aspect. Moorcock knows most of the tricks of the New Wave sci-fi trade, indeed to some extent he presided over the creation of the playbook, and applies almost all of them during the course of this short novel. Jungian blunders into being accepted as Jebus by denizens of the time to which he has traveled.

Still, it was probably a realistic ending in its way.

I have not read the expanded version, but I can imagine the plot, particularly the transitive elements occurring later, receive a greater degree of detail, thus rendering the overall pacing th smooth. Kaja’s Blog Just another WordPress. A short book, but filled with emotion and some extremely controversial subjects.

Glogauer is the perfect flawed protagonist, like most people he isn’t perfect with a troubled upbringing and is full of self-doubt — and yet manages to move through all that, following moodcock path that he knows will lead to moorcoc, death. We quickly learn that Karl is a neurotic, self-centered, immature idiot. Novels by Michael Moorcock British novels British novels British science fiction novels science fiction novels science fiction novels Novelistic portrayals of Jesus Cultural depictions of John the Baptist Novels about time travel Works behlld published in New Worlds magazine Nebula Award for Best Novella-winning works Cultural depictions of Mary mother of Jesus Christianity in fiction Religion in science fiction Existentialist novels Allison and Busby books.


Annie Bellet Author, Gamer, Nerd. Jedino je Jovan krstitelj rec krstitelj u sebi ima to Ima spojlera!!!!! Which yeah, this story does as well as any we might care to dream up as far as explaining why Christianity really seems like it stole the clothes of a bunch of earlier Eastern mystery cults and whatnot. Or as the screenwriters of Back to the Future so aptly put it: While this story not only denies the divinity beuold Jesus, but presents him in a unflattering light, the story is making the point that the ideals of Christianity are worthy of high esteem and that it address fundamental human needs.

I find no redeeming value here, others of course may. The mjchael is about a man who goes back in time to discover the real Jesus.

Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock

Using a pulley, they began to haul the cross into a vertical position. Dec 11, Ethan Miller rated micheal it was amazing. As the novel progresses we build up a picture of just who Glogauer is.

While most people know Michael Moorcock from the Elric stories, for my money, the best Moorcock stories are the ones only tangently related to the Eternal champion saga. Refresh and try again. This re-read did not disappoint me.