Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world and acts as a parasite on various arthropod species, causing white muscardine disease; it thus belongs to the entomopathogenic fungi. It is being used as a biological insecticide to control a number of pests such. Beauveria bassiana is an entomopathogenic fungi that causes white As with any insecticide, follow all safety precautions on the label when using B. bassiana . BroadBand® – a fungal contact insecticide for the effective reduction of target Beauveria bassiana strain PPRI (Minimum 4e9 Viable spores per millilitre).

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Apply a minimum of ml BroadBand per ha in litre water. Apply as a full cover spray as soon as the first crawler movement is noticed, normally at insedticida burst. Beauveria bassiana Grasshoppers killed by B. Views Read Edit View history. On most common cultural media, it produces many dry, powdery conidia in distinctive white spore balls. Green lacewing Chrysoperla carnea communicates by stridulation inaudible to the human ear. More robust and cost-effective fermentation and formulation downstream platforms are imperative for its overall commercialization by industry.

High temperatures can reduce the viability of the spores. Do not make tank mix of Bio-Power with fungicides. Dead spores cannot infect pests. Its use in the control of malaria -transmitting mosquitos is under investigation. Due insefticida UV sensitivity it is recommended that BroadBand is applied during the afternoon or evenings. The insect disease caused by the fungus is a muscardine which has been called white muscardine disease.

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The factors responsible for host susceptibility are not known.

The production and uses of Beauveria bassiana as a microbial insecticide.

The spore of the fungus when comes in contact with the cuticle skin of the target pest insect it germinates and grows directly through the spiracle in the cuticle into the inner body of the host.

After filtering it can be incorporated into the soil through insectocida drip irrigation system during the pre or post planting stage.

Available in the U. Do not inhale spray mist. For best results in applying Beauveria bassiana: Download free PDF Reader.

BioCeres® WP

Sesiidae to Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium brunneum”. Apply at first sign of Thrips pest presence. Add approved adjuvant for optimum efficacy.

Do not keep the solution to apply the next day. It is being used as a biological insecticide to control a number of pests such as termitesthripswhitefliesaphids and different beetles.

Soil Application for root grubs: The repressive effect baeuveria generally noticed after 7 days and pests will not develop any resistance to the fungus. Do not apply incompatible pesticides with BroadBand. Back Sugarcane Tawny Rust Back. The role of Beauveria as one tool among many in integrated pest management, rather than a stand-alone management approach, needs to be better developed across the range of crop systems.

Beauveria bassiana – Wikipedia

Store in original container in a dry area, away from food and feed stuffs. Never pre-mix in a pail or bucket using a stick or whisk.


Compatible with some insecticides, fungicides and with most biological control agents. Add approved adjuvant with good spreading capability for optimum efficacy.

Apply at first sign of Whitefly pest presence. Bio-power can be sprinkled around the root-zone and incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through profuse watering of the plant roots. This will add too much air to the water and the solution will not mix properly.

May cause skin and eye irritation. Add approved insecricida for optimum efficacy Increased efficacy is achieved when combined with a suitable registered pyrethroid. However, different strains vary in their host ranges, some having rather narrow ranges, like strain Bba that is very virulent to the larvae of the diamondback moth and kills only few other types of caterpillars. Always check the date of manufacture on the bag before spraying. When the microscopic spores of the fungus come into contact with the body of bassiaja insect host, they germinate, penetrate the cuticleand grow inside, killing the insect within a matter of days.

Mixed volumes must be applied as soon as possible and not left overnight or standing in the sun. J Am Vet Med Assoc. The Ministry for Primary Industries investigated the leak. This step bassiwna all the difference.