The BCSI B-Series Summary Sheets summarize each of the chapters of the BCSI book. B3 – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members. Refer to the BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members for more information. All other permanent bracing design is the. To view any of the BCSI documents click on the links below. BCSI-B1 Summary Sheet. Handling, Installing, & Bracing BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet. Web member .

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B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members |

Also known as continuous lateral brace or CLB. A written, graphic or pictorial depiction of the required fix to an bsci or damaged Truss or part. This eliminates the need for Ground Bracing the first Truss, assuming all hardware and hangers are properly installed prior to the crane releasing the Girder Truss.

They do not have the structural strength to bcei a worker safely while oriented flat. See Figures B, 31, 32 and The TDD also provides the assumed thickness of the restraint and the minimum Connection requirements between the cap and the supporting Truss or restraint. Additional restraint and bracing is typically required to transfer lateral loads trussrestraint design and bracing of PCTs.

Are all as-built dimensions the same bcsii those depicted in the Construction Documents? Prior to Truss installation, it is recommended that the documents be examined and disseminated to all appropriate personnel. Please consult a Registered Design Professional. Releasing a Truss early or releasing a Truss to adjust spacing is an extremely dangerous practice. Coloque Los las cargas sobre las paredes entramados que nosoportantes.

B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members

As defined in many engineering laws and building codes, b Building Designer is responsible for the overall design and flow of Loads through the building. The Spreader Bar when it is brought down along side and attached directly to the Truss being lifted to provide sufficient rigidity to adequately resist out-of-plane bending of the Truss.

Never stack materials on the cantilever or overhang of a Truss. The act of forming rigid triangles with objects adequately fastened together see Figure B, page Do not wait until all Trusses are set to apply Structural Sheathing. Triangles make Bracing strong.

  2.5 KREEL D C96 PDF

A type of construction whose primary structural elements are formed by a system of repetitive wood-framing members. Lateral Load transfer between the roof Diaphragm and supporting wall is through the heel of the Truss unless some other means is provided to transfer this Load directly between the roof sheathing and the wall plate. It is recommended that this review process be followed before any Truss handling operations are performed. The use of Ground Brace Verticals alone, attached to the end wall, is not considered bcssi construction practice and is not permitted.

Permanently connecting the end jacks to the end wall and Girder Truss as early in the installation process as possible dramatically increases the stability of the hip Girder Truss and the safety of the structure.

Prior to installation, repair all Trusses according to the repair details prepared by the Truss Designer or a Registered Design Professional. Non-Load bearing walls can transfer loads, if large construction Loads are applied above them. Fail to install Diagonal Bracing.

Also referred to as a step-down Truss. Do not install damaged Trusses unless specifically instructed on how to do so by the Building Designer, Truss Designer or Truss Manufacturer.

BCSI – Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, Restraining

The Purlins must be properly sized and fastened to the Top Chord of the Trusses in accordance with the specifications found in the Construction Documents. Worker attention is often directed upward, even while moving around. Temporarily brace or support the Truss to prevent further damage to the Truss and danger to workers.

It is the responsibility of the crane operator or Contractor to recognize adverse weather conditions and take prompt and appropriate action to ensure safety. Conventional Light-frame Wood Construction: Lumber of any thickness and width that is graded for its mechanical properties.

Two pieces of Stress-Graded Lumber attached to a Web as reinforcement against buckling instability. Spreader Bar used is too short for this Truss. Walking on Trusses that are lying flat is extremely dangerous and shall be strictly prohibited.

Fastener size and spacing requirements and grade for diaphragm. The dimensions and weight of a Long Span Truss can create instability, buckling and collapse of the Truss if it is not handled, installed, restrained and braced properly. Valley Set frames on top of lower roof. If the hip Girder Truss consists of multiple plies, it is much easier to fasten the plies together and install the end jack hangers if required on the ground before lifting the Girder Truss into place.


Some chord and Web members not shown for clarity. Trusses hold their profiles best when they have been properly plumbed, restrained and braced with Structural Sheathing. The method used to frame a valley will affect how the Loads from the upper roof are distributed to the supporting Trusses, and therefore, how these Trusses are to be designed.

Report damage, alterations or installation errors to the Truss Manufacturer immediately. Properly attaching the Girder Truss and jack Trusses at their bearing points and permanently restraining and Diagonally Bracing this assembly will provide a rigid framework to which subsequent Trusses can be restrained and braced.

NO almacene verticalmente los trusses sueltos. Documents, is responsible for all Gable End Frame Bracing, including the Bracing member size and locations, attachment to Trusses, gable end sheathing, and fastener size and locations including any mechanical Connectors required.

The Diagonal Brace from the top of the end wall to the top chord of the Truss will impart a vertical force to the Truss Top Chord. Install stacks of materials as quickly as possible. If the Truss Bottom Chord and wall plate are different species, use the species with the lowest specific gravity to determine the lateral Load capacity of the fasteners.

Are all required hangers, angle clips, tie-downs, and re- Before starting, here are some general safety reminders: Installation and use must adhere to the Standard requirements in 29 CFR Connection between the roof or floor framing members e. Top chord sheathing not shown for clarity. Consult a registered design professional.

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