Design of Baugh-wooley Multiplier using Verilog HDL. Shruti D. Kale, Prof. Gauri N. Zade. India. Abstract: Multiplication represents one of the major holdups in. Adders and Multipliers. Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Design • To illustrate the mathematical transformation which is required, consider 4-bit signed operands X and. This project presents an efficient implementation of a high speed multiplier using the shift and adds method of. Baugh-Wooley Multiplier.

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This constraint forces the number of inputs to be equal to the number of outputs [3] [4]. Therefore, it is clear that this is the better design than the existing counterparts.

The multiplier A and the multiplicand B can be represented as. Truncated multiplication with approximate rounding E. The proposed reversible Baugh-Wooley multiplier design requires 16 constant wwooley, but the design in [5] [7] – [9] requires 52, 40, 44 and 42 respectively.

This gate is mainly used as a copying gate as fan-out is not allowed in reversible logic design. In the second step, the multi operand addition, Peres gates and Double Peres gates have been used. BaughBruce A.

Design of Compact Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Using Reversible Logic

The proposed Baugh-Wooley multiplier design requires 20 gates. This scenario motivates the study of reversible computing field.

Even the proposed design is having moderate garbage outputs; we can conclude that this design is better in terms of number wooldy gates and constant inputs. International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 21, The proposed reversible Baugh-Wooley multiplier circuit is more efficient compared to the existing circuits presented by [5] [7] – [9]. International Journal on Engineering Science and Technology, 2, The functions S and T will produce sum and carry outputs respectively of the complement function of the Baugh- Wooley structure.


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Discrete cosine transform Carry-select adder Performance Evaluation Digital data.

A Fixed-Width Modified Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Using Verilog

Besides, synthesizing reversible logic circuits is much difficult than conventional irreversible logic circuits due to the constraints. The block diagram representation of 4 bit Baugh-Wooley multiplier is shown in Figure 5. These reversible multiplier cells are targeted for reversible Baugh-Wooley multiplier design.

Therefore the proposed multiplier cells are evaluated based multiplker the Bwugh count, Garbage inputs and Garbage outputs. Efficient realization of large size two’s complement multipliers using embedded blocks in FPGAs. Topics Discussed in This Paper. World Woolley Sciences Journal, 3, They produce two outputs namely sum output diagonal-black line and carry output vertical black line. The input B is the multiplicand bit. Fixed width multipliers are mostly used in almost all fields woolej applications like communication, speech processing and digital processing applications such as FFT, Myltiplier, IFFT, windowing technique.

This section deals with the preliminary reversible gates available in the literature. Low error fixed-width CSD multiplier with efficient sign extension. Measuring the reversible logic design in terms of number of gates is one of the major factors. Complement reversible multiplier cell CMC.

The organization of the paper is as follows. The proposed reversible multiplier cells are capable of multiplying 2 bits in the current array and add the result with the sum and carry outputs of previous array.

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Verilog width Fast Fourier transform Speech processing. It has been done in two steps as follows: In this work we are proposing two reversible multiplier cells representing black and grey cells. Durgarao and B Venkat Suresh and G. The yellow cells represent the full adder. The input D is the sum input from the previous cells. One of the major factors in the design of a reversible logic circuit is the number of constant inputs.

A Fixed-Width Modified Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Using Verilog – Semantic Scholar

The Quantum cost is Each of the multiplier cell receives four inputs namely, the multiplier input horizontal-green linemultiplicand input vertical-red linecarry from previous cells vertical-black line and sum from previous cells diagonal-black line. The number of inputs and outputs are three in count; if the first two bits A and B are set, the third bit will be inverted, otherwise all bits will keep on the same value.

There is no any specific application of any algorithm except [15]. Hence this is also called as Swap gate. This work also involves two steps as in [5]. Showing of 11 references.

In the reversible logic circuit design, fan-out and feedback are not permitted [4]. It is comprehended that the number of gates, the constant inputs and garbage outputs values are fewer in number in the proposed design compared to the existing approaches.

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