Battle of the Ditch, (ad ), Arabic Al-Khandaq (The Ditch), an early Muslim victory that ultimately forced the Meccans to recognize the political and religious. 5th year of the Migration 29 Shawwal / January ) The Battle of Khandaq, which took place two years after the Battle of Uhud, is one of the important battles . The Battle of Khandaq. At this time, there was growing peace and security in Medina. However, a Jewish tribe called Banu Nadir attempted to.

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Therefore, they were very tired and exhausted. He at one time leaned for me and I cast a glance and at another time I leaned for him and he would see and I recognised my father as he rode on his horse with his arms towards the tribe of Quraizah. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

One who goes there comes to know where the Imam used to pray. Walid, who were fighting in the ranks of bbattle against Muslims then, stayed behind fearing that they could be followed by Muslims.

Battle of the Ditch | Islamic history |

They had dug the trench without having a rest before the battle, and the battle started as soon as they finished digging the trench. And if Muhammad wins, only they will be killed as they will be in the forefront and we will run away. The food and valuable goods were kept in those fortresses. Saad bin Maaz said: The provisions of the Confederate armies were running out.

It was necessary to have extraordinary courage to fight him. The act of digging was going on. So the Muslims did this, working hard, and the Messenger of Allah worked with them, carrying earth away and digging, in the process of which there occurred many bqttle and clear signs. The Muslims found themselves in greater difficulties by day.


Keep Exploring Britannica Jesus. I ordered them to do so.

They regained their confidence concerning the future because of failure of the Confederate forces after their biggest mobilization. But he was infuriated by battlee reply.

Battle of Khandaq | Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 2 |

The Prophet s specified khandaa Dhira’ around twenty meters for every ten people and made each tribe responsible for digging each part. The war terminated by Muslim’s victory and the army of polytheists had to withdraw. I swear by God that I see the red manors of Damascus now! The Prophet s himself contributed to the work. Ibn Abil Hadid has narrated that when Umar came to fight Battlee and fled from there, Zarar poked him with a spear and said: Various offers were expressed about the question that the Prophet asked.

Surah Aale Imran 3: Ultimately, ‘Ali a volunteered and went for khandwq challenge with the Prophet s ‘s consent. The Prophet SAW said. O you who believe! He put some meat on a piece of bread and gave it to a Companion.

As soon as he heard this he fled from there and Zarar took his spear pursued him and poked it into his back and said: After an unsuccessful siege, the Meccans dispersed.

God and His Apostle promised us nothing but delusion! They Start to Dig Trenches When it was decided unanimously that the city would be defended, the activity of digging trenches started immediately upon the order and advice of the Messenger of God. As and Khalid b. During this battle, seven mujahids were martyred; four unbelievers were killed. Your contribution may be further khamdaq by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.


Within six days, the kyandaq was complete.

Battle of the Ditch

But this was not the case. Muhammad asked him to end the siege by battke discord amongst Confederates [citation needed]. Some enemy cavalrymen managed to jump over the narrow place and passed behind the trench; they asked individuals to fight one on one.

After a day siege of their neighbourhood the Banu Qurayza unconditionally surrendered. All Muslims, even the children, worked very hard to dig trenches. Such suspicions were reinforced by the movement of enemy troops towards the bbattle of the Qurayza. Then, he immediately began to take action.

By Allah, Allah’s Messenger may peace be upon him addressed me saying: When told that she had washed it, he asked why a spot of blood still remained. This tent was in the place where the Fath Mosque battoe today. Almost all of the routes for their trade caravans had been closed. First, he went to the land of Sons of Qurayza. Between his shoulders will be the seal of prophecy.

He will ride an ass without a saddle, wear old clothes, and satisfy the wants of nature with dry bread and dates. He attended the battle, boastfully making his place known to people. It rather made their faith stronger in God, His Messenger, and the promised victory. And you have also brought a helper?