The Basement Bugger’s Bible. Many of you out there LOVE to tinker with electronics projects; I know I do. Many of us are also security minded, so if you like. Find great deals for Basement Bugger’s Bible: The Professional’s Guide to Creating, Building, and Planting Custom Bugs and Wiretaps by Shifty Bugman ( The Basement Bugger’s Bible by Shifty Bugman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Automatic gain controls AGCs are double- ended compressors that bibel slowly and decay very slowly. Cheap electrets are readily hacked in that the user can manipulate supply voltage and drain resistance.

In operation, increasing R4 feeds more audio to charge pump, generating greater positive voltage. Harmonics can cause aliasing of a frequency modulator and, for that reason, should be removed by a lowpass filter.

PVDF is waterproof and possesses natural density that couples vibration to air and water a lot more efficiently than ceramics do. Device needs a V supply.

The Basement Bugger’s Bible

The bugger should seek the most sensitive model he can get. D shows a neon bulb wired on the end of a 3″ piezo strip. Some op amps come in series whose part numbers share a common prefix, coupled with a final digit to distinguish single, dual, or quad.


For academic study only. Ultralow noise dictates that the internal transistors run at high collector current. A lip on the cavity shrinks the acquisition aperture but enhances resonance. The bigger the dish, the hazier its sonic focus, a fact that creates a need for micro- phone apertures several inches across. Circuit inside dotted line is a preamp with roughly 60 dB of gain at 3 KHz.

The Basement Buggers Bible

Any cylinder has a resonant bugbers. The right system working under optimum conditions can pull in signals from more than one mile away. The scope of the term embraces pretty much any form of unauthorized eavesdropping; and, yes, this book profiles wiretapping of bssement most sordid sort. Piezoelectric Mics Piezoelectricity means voltage generated in a material by the application of force, and vice versa.

Piezo mics exist as crystal and ceramic types that ruled the hobby scene prior to the emergence of cheap bugger. Suitable tubing is available from lab supply companies, or in the aquarium department of discount stores. These connection modes appear in most bugging devices. Trim 50K and ohm pots for minimum distortion; if no scope is available, put 50K pot in center of range, and set ohm pot at ohms. Alternatively, a trim potential can be applied to pin 5 Low-voltage denotes types that are either optimized for low voltage or maintain high-voltage specs at low voltage.


In stock configuration, they can serve as extremely low- impedance microphones whose sensitivity equals that of a stock-biased electret. Photos show typical converters; large device obtained on the surplus market.

This bugers one means to implement the bug EQ curve in the preamplifier.

Full text of “The Basement Buggers Bible”

LM is a high-speed current-differencing Norton amplifier. For covert intercepts, attack and release should suit the midrange from aboutHz. Well written and put together, Shifty put some thought into this book! Use control voltage to activate chips, FETs, or bipolar transistors to biboe gain.

B Another common-emitter amplifier, but base is biased from positive DC potential at collector, bugbers R 1. Practical designs incorporate meas- ures to immunize them to differences between individual transistors and ensure that they tolerate reasonable changes in supply voltage.

Presence of an L in the part number 78L08, etc. These traits exist in a class of integrated circuits known as audio power drivers. The foci were some tens of feet apart. I am a stickler for detail and reliability, so of course I tried to rip this book apart on technical details. basemdnt