Bascetta Stern: Anleitung für Origami Stern – Weihnachtssterne Ideen – Faltanleitung – DIY – YouTube. Sterne basteln aus Papier – Bascetta Stern Origami 3D Weihnachtsstern falten Tutorial | deutsch – YouTube. Bastelanleitung Sterne aus Papier falten Paper Snowflakes, Paper Folding, stjerne foldes, 10 Bascetta Stern, Origami Paper Art, Diy Paper, Diy Christmas.

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Ob diese Anleitung mit Papierstreifen aus normalen Druckerpapier mit 80 Gramm funktioniert kann ich leider nicht sagen weil ich es noch nicht ausprobiert habe. Learn how to make Modular Origami Icosahedron from 30 sonobe units.

What you need to make this origami Icosahedron tutorial: Gonchar Thank you so!! Gefaltet habe ich mit 6 x 6 cm Packpapier du brauchst 90 Module!!! Benutze also auf jeden Fall ein Lineal o.

Subscribe to the channel: Dazu eignen sich z. For bascetfas feel free to ask in the comments below. Estrella con modulo tornillo: Special thanks to Paolo Bascetta for giving me permission to create this video!


Click here to subscribe: Tutorial on how to make an Origami Dove.

bascetta stern bastelanleitung | Origami 3D Gifts

Bastelanleitun by Philip Shen This is the 6 modules version. Any type of paper is fine, sticky note reminder fold the sticky inside might be difficult.

Be sure to check out her beautiful work by visiting her website and Flickr photostream below: This origami can be a very nice Christmas decoration ornament! If you want more videos hit the LIKE button.

This is a very simple modular model, and it’s baatelanleitung for folders of all experience levels! Wenn es jemand versucht hat, bitte in den Kommentaren posten. Hier finden sich jedoch sehr viel leichter geeignete Lichterketten zur Beleuchtung!

How to fold an Origami Modular Star

Er kann also z. Hier findest du das Diagramm stranamasterov. I’m using a 15cm x 15cm sheet of paper each module. I used in this tutorial paper with size 9cm x 9cm. Watch how to make origami flower to decorate your room.

This is one of my favorite baselanleitung models, and the units are not very difficult to fold!

3D Stern | 12 Pins of Christmas 6 | Pinterest | Origami, Origami models and Paper Crafts

Origami Book mini modular origami book origami yeaah! By folding a modular origami you can connect small origami sonobe bascetras and make big and interesting figures.


Transparentpapier muss zurechtgeschnitten werden, was mehr Zeitaufwand bedeutet. Good Luck Thanks for watching!

Thanks a lot Mark!!! How to make an origami Omega Star. Hier findest du das Diagramm http: This video used 10 sheets of origami paper measuring 7.

Click here for more information: Origami Tutorials – Tatiana Frolova. Any additional feedback is greatly appreciated! This is not the bascetta star, I can’t remember the name but its not it. Origamite orrigami Origami Video Instructions. Modular origami star from the designer Ilan Garibi. How to fold an Origami Modular Star.

Here is the result The uniqueness of this model is that you can use any number of modules. Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials.