Barton Chart Recorders E/E/J8A, formerly known as ITT Barton Recorders, is the leader for recording of DP (Differential Pressure), pressure. The Barton Instruments E is a chart recorder that is used in gas transmission and distribution fields. It is an inch accurate calibration unit that even works. Barton E – Differential Pressure Recorders, E, Barton uae.

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Assure all linkage screws are retightened. The pointer attached to the torque tube shaft should indicate 8 degrees of travel. Carefully remove the pressure housings from the bellows unit assembly.

Back off all housing bolts 4 turns. The pen should indicate zero.

Barton 202E – Differential Pressure Recorders

This procedure should be performed prior to removing the DPU housing bolts, if the 2002e has been installed in gas applications with working pressures greater than psig. Upon such authorization, and in accordance with instructions by NuFlo Technologies, Inc. Before installing this instrument, become familiar with the installation instructions in Section 2.

Remove the DPU from service and remove the pressure housings. Adapt bxrton graduated degree scale to torque tube housing. Tighten the bolts and return the unit to the factory or authorized NuFlo service center for repair. If the pen is low, lengthen the linkage to make a correction 40 times as great in the low direction. Apply percent differential pressure to the highpressure housing of the DPU.


PT. Artha Teknik Abadi – General Equipment – BARTON Chart Recorders E

Arrange the differential pressure linkage as shown on page Mount the DPU on a suitable pipe stand and connect to a standard pressure source.

WARNING notes indicate the presence of a hazard which can cause severe personal injury, death, or substantial property damage if warning is ignored. Adapt a pointer to exposed end of the torque shaft. Make the necessary adjustment by turning the range arm adjust screw counterclockwise if the pen is slightly underranged and clockwise if the pen is slightly overranged.

Die-cast aluminum, black epoxy resin paint, waterproof and weather resistant hinged door; neoprene gasket seal DP Accuracy: Movement of the bellows is transmitted through a torque tube from the DPU to the recording mechanism.

Page 26 Section 5 – Installation Drawings Rotate pen bartpn and shaft by gripping the range arm and forcing or slipping the pen until it indicates zero.

BARTON Chart Recorders 202E

CAUTION notes indicate the presence of a hazard which can cause moderate personal injury or property damage if warning is ignored. Warranty NuFlo Technologies, Inc.


The bellows are liquid filled and withstand overranges equal to the working pressure of the housing without calibration change. If the pen is high, shorten the linkage to make a correction 40 times as great in the high direction.

Page 13 Section 4 – Troubleshooting Replacements made under this warranty will be shipped prepaid. The torque tube is hermetically sealed to eliminate friction and leakage; it does not require lubrication.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Check for internal pressure by attempting to move the housing in and out along the bolts. The pen arm bartton shaft should rotate at the range arm pivot point without loosening the range arm lock screw.

The DPU is a dual bellows assembly enclosed within pressure housings.

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