Sacred Hunger has ratings and reviews. Violet said: Another bloated Booker prize winner. Shared the prize with the infinitely more sophisticate. Sacred Hunger [Barry Unsworth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Booker Prize for Fiction: Possibly the best novel I’ve. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This vast, vividly realistic historical novel follows Sacred Hunger – Kindle edition by Barry Unsworth. Download it.

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Deftly utilizing a sadred of period detail, Unsworth has written a book whose stately pace, like the scope of its meditations, seems accurately to evoke the age. But as much as I could appreciate the quality of the novel I had a hard time getting back to it after putting it down.

Booker club: Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth | Books | The Guardian

Although I enjoyed the book as one of the best pieces of literature I’ve ever read, a good deal of that pleasure came from his use of language.

Some authors are able to make another way ujsworth thinking so understandable that it is not repulsive. Slaves are bartered for trade goods of little value such as slave beads and kettles, with the captain haggling with the local traders. While the crew are treated harshly under the ruthless discipline of Captain Thurso, Paris enjoys a different level of treatment; as the nephew of the ship’s owner, he is mocked and belittled but treated as an elite member of the crew.

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It is a meticulous book and brutal in its meticulousness.

Look Inside Reading Guide. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. At two they weighed an got out to sea, the wind by this time giving a good offing.

Sacred Hunger Reader’s Guide

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. A lot of the book has the characters speaking in a “pidgin” English, a necessity imho to the story at times. In particular, he personifies the idea that profit umsworth be a moral imperative; to the extent that he is entirely flabbergasted when the ship’s owner voices concerns for the “well being” of the human cargo that will be loaded into its cramped hold.

And he can hungger well. Finally, Thurso decides to throw the remaining slaves overboard, the insurance money being more attractive than their prospects for sale in a sickened state. I am glad to have read this book this year because I think I appreciated it more than I would have earlier. The story is set in the mid 18th century and centres on the Liverpool Merchanta slave ship employed in the triangular tradea central trade route in unsworthh Atlantic slave trade. Erasmus, now planning to marry Sarah, is offered a job by her father, a wealthy business man.


But seeing these strains in the writing shatters the narrative illusion. View all 12 comments.

No stream of consciousness. A solid four stars with the caveats mentioned above.

That was two years ago! Early in the book, we see that Erasmus is a bad actor. There sarced more delight in it, more self-indulgence, too.

On the cover of this American edition, it had a tasteful sticker that said: The other cousin, Erasmus, stays at home to rescue the family fortune through careful stock market trades. Another baffling decision on the part of the judges. How did Thurso and the shipmates attempt to maintain control over the slaves that they took, even when they were vastly outnumbered? Tensions between these two men arise early and build throughout the voyage. Finally I must confess I struggled with how to rate the book.

Having recovered from bankruptcy and the shame of bunger father’s death, he has married into a wealthy family. Erasmus Kemp is the son of an ambitious merchant whose hopes for financial redemption lie in a slave barru that he is backing. Preview — Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth.

What play are Erasmus and his friends rehearsing?