Complete summary of Hugh MacLennan’s Barometer Rising. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Barometer Rising. Barometer Rising By Hugh MacLennanAdapted For Radio By Rita Greer [Allen] Canada’s most famous explosion – Halifax, December 6, Hugh MacLennan’s first novel is a compelling romance set against the horrors of wartime and the catastrophic Halifax Explosion of December 6,

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Ways to Hide in Winter. The Travelling Cat Chronicles. She remembered Murray’s unwillingness to talk and the sudden embarrassment of Billy Riaing only half an hour ago. Yes, there were tedious bits of navel gazing but hey, it was written in Lists with This Book. What we anticipate is his reaction to someone. McClelland and Stewart, The story gives you a good idea how the devastation affected the lives of the citizens in the city and the characters’ story draws you in.

Of course greater riding is given to Penny, Neil and Angus, but Geoffrey Wain, Penny’s father and Neil’s uncle, also has more to him than one might think. Barometer Rising has aged better than many of MacLennan’s works, but nevertheless contemporary critics and readers often find the quality and tone barometeer his nationalism jarring: If you have ever visited that small, but charming city, you would probably enjoy reading this novel just for nostalgia’s sake.

Sign up hgh to receive your FREE alerts. There is also a theme of the older generations being supplanted by the new, as illustrated by the character of Alec MacKenzie and the anecdote about Angus Murray returning to his father’s farm and finding that much of the land his father had painstakingly cleared the trees from was reverting to new forest.

The feeling of WWI in Canada and Macleennan unique position, as a seaport vital to Britain, are of course revelations to me. I don’t think he ever told her he loved her.


And then the explosion, tidal wave and earthquake wreck the city. And McLenna’s prose is unbelievably melodramatic; he adores his adjectives, which bugh, honestly, an awful way to write.

The tram stopped at the foot of her street and she got off and began to climb the hill. I really enjoyed working through this novel an seeing the inner workings of the Wain family. At the end of the novel MacRae and Penelope Wain are poised to depart from “old” Halifax for the dynamic potential risimg the westward regions of the country. Duell, Sloan and Pearce in amidst the turmoil of the Second World Warthe novel is set during the First World Warnot on the battlefields of Europe but in Canada before, during and after the Halifax Explosionwhich destroyed much of that city’s north end on the morning of December 6, While I didn’t find the author going off on separate stories from each character’s past that hardly contributed anything to the story, I do have to remember that this was released in I love the characterization of Halifax–I’ve never been there, but it was easy to fall in love with it because of this book.

MacLennan rissing was a survivor of the Explosion, and drew on his own memories maclenann a boy of baroometer who witnessed the destruction.

The relational dynamics are worked out in the two days leading up to the explosion and resolved after its terrible aftermath. From the very beginning of Barometer Rising, you can tell this is a singular book.

His seven novels and many essays and travel books present a chronicle of Canada that often mediates between the old world of its… More about Hugh Maclennan.


Very moving, beautifully written, Barometer Rising is a must-read for Canadian literature fans and anyone interested in historical fiction. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Penelope Wain believes that her lover, Neil Macrae, has been killed while serving overseas under her father. First published New York: When the description of a tragedy as powerful as the Halifax explosion has me rolling my eyes at how even a tragedy is overwrought, that is an awful sign. Further, by the middle of the twentieth century Canadian readers were hungry for Canadian subjects; Barometer Rising announced a turn in literary production in Canada to consciously Canadian stories about the growing nation and its people, which continued in a flowering of Canadian literary nationalism in the following decades See Literature in English.


If you don’t enjoy reading about any of those things, this is maybe not the hugy for you. I really liked this book.

Good story, I liked how Halifax was just as much a central character as the people. The Halifax explosion of is the backdrop for this story of a disgraced soldier returning to his homeland to confront the man who disgraced him.

Even the aunt by marriage, who was judgemental and prickly, found her element when their house was needed as a hospital. Place a Hold You must be logged in first. She defers the proposal. Halifax Explosion, Halifax, N.

BAROMETER RISING by Hugh MacLennan | Kirkus Reviews

Neil leaves to find Alec, who is willing to testifying in Neil’s defence, despite the colonel providing Alec with a job at the shipyard. Want to Read saving…. This is top pop reading, intelligent writing and characterization, a deftly interwoven background Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the first World Warand a romantic story. She encouraged him to write about Canada, the country he knew best. That was very well done. I did appreciate the crap the main female character had to deal with as an engineer in a very macho environment.

I would highly recommend it to everyone. The resulting blast levelled the north end of the city, broke windows all over the city, even rattled dishes on shelves 60 – miles away. One of the best books I’ve read.