As members of the Family of Light, you have incarnated on this planet to prepare yourselves to do your work. What is your work? Your work is. The Pleiadians Speak. Awakening by Barbara Marciniak. Dec. 6, at http:// Good evening. We are your ancient family. We come from. Join Barbara and her Witty, Time-Traveling Pleiadians for a Special Sedona Weekend. Join Barbara Marciniak and the Pleiadians for this.

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Very, very interesting though it may take me while to digest it all.

Remember, ” Nothing is exactly as it appears to be. It was hoped that that juncture would be reached through the opening of the free will bodies, by their own choice, through love.

Barbara Marciniak Sedona Seminar

Tried to hang in there and just see it as a Life Coach type book. For your difficulties babara will lay down as pleiwdians are old clothes that you will no longer fit into or wear. To bring Light back to Earth. That it would be a center of tremendous beauty, of tremendous exchange, of freedom, of ideas and beauty and love and peoples, humanities, creatures from all of this universe and star system ideally would have come here and exchanged what it is they had, as goods would be exchanged in the marketplace, with others.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

Despite all that, its authors do not claim to have ultimate knowledge, but that marcinaik are seekers also. Oct 26, Vida Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: To discover your inner self, from pleladians Teachings of the Pleidians from the Taurus constellation.


We do not wish to be annihilated and misuse of your technology on your planet could annihilate a universe. I like the idea of lovely, helpful star-people who are trying to look out for us, that’s just fabulous. I forgive the writing method only cos it was a couple decades old well now. However, from your point of view, think of us as a computerized society.

I’m clearly not the intended audience. Barbara and the Pleiad ians consider “electronic device addiction” to be among the worst symptoms of our contemporary society ‘s menta l chao s, so Liberate Yourself for this exciting Weekend!! And yeah, rape and abuse victims choose it or asked for it, why not? We are your ancient family.

Now, if the awakeners approach the awakenees with love, with intent of service, with intent of changing the planetary potential, the planetary history, and also are willing to bond unconditionally with the awakenee, it will be successful.

It may come in the area of employment or a lack of. Marckniak is one of my absolutely favourite books for spiritual awareness, teaching and spiritual-personal growth.

It is not the way you think it is. Play with your dream states and when one of these crazy ideas comes to you, grasp onto it like a hot air balloon and ride it for a while over the topography of yourself and see where it will take you.

Each one of us who lives in his Light makes it easier tue everybody else.

And these will be fun things. The picture actually thee represents one per cent of what we are capable of doing. If there were to be great destructions, and there will be some destructions along the lines of p,eiadians, if that were to be the prevalent case upon the entire sphere, it would effect the cosmos so greatly, that in this case it cannot be allowed.


The forces of dark took over the forces of light by withholding and destroying key information that would have made Bwrbara the Galactic Library of Wisdom.

Now, millions upon millions of years ago when the disruptive forces came in and changed all of that, free will was granted still and we stepped back, and saw and watched, and knew that there would be a time when all of this would come to an apex, as it would be said when the changes could be made.

I am not sure what to think of the prophecies and some other stuff, but from a listener’s perspective, it certainly held my attention marcimiak start to finish. It will be filled with the Pleiadians’ latest news and spiritual guidance for and beyond. They will not be definite until they occur, until energy peaks. I don’t use my body for sickness.

Barbara Marciniak: The Pleiadians Speak

We are working in other solar systems, with other planetary creatures, with other creations. We are an advanced civilization.

Free will encompasses the complete idea that whatever it ppeiadians that you are wanting you may have. See 1 question about Bringers of the Dawn…. Guess I now know how to act like one