GW just gave us our second preview of Codex: Astra Militarum. The new codex will feature rules for 8 regiments. Regimental Doctrines will. I have a Baneblade that is magnetized to do all 8 variants and I am having trouble picking one now that they all have received a nice buff. SUBREDDIT RULES. Be respectful to one another, and back up your arguments with data. Be constructive with your criticism, explain the “why”.

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Check the rules for wargear.

June 6, June 4, 1: That’s going to change the way a lot of IG armies play and are organized. The guard have cheap units for all slots which allows us to fill larger detachments.

The Stormlord is designed with but one purpose: In cases when the powerplant is cold a battery supply allows for limited functionality of the tank’s systems: Guard look to me like they treaded water while everyone else swam to shore, but we will see.

Ironically this makes it a pain in the baneblad when fighting in close and narrow environments like urban areas, places where the Stormlord is meant to shine the best.

Due to the combination of low price and low durability, I might actually run some of these with Heavy Bolters for a change.

In a way, you can think of the Doomhammer as the ‘shotgun’ of the Titan-killing Baneblades as it lacks the overall oomph, it makes up for the aforementioned troop transport and its ability to cover a decent amount of land into molten lava. Ok… So how do we build and organize platoons in the company? Though requiring more wounds to lose firepower could also be a very valid choice that you really cant get from simulations.


For some reason I thought they were coming out later.

This tank is banebalde to remain a very competitive choice in 8th Edition. It only needs to take 13w and it’ll be hitting on 5s 4s with your command vehiclewhich is not great.


Ha, I know what you mean about the play testing. June 10, 3: In terms of Variant the Stormlord and Shadow Sword are the best, in fact i remember seeing some triple Bandblade lists in some UK tournaments; it was usually x2 Stormlords with Mortar teams inside to dakka down all the tarpits everyone is running and one Shadow Sword for large sniping along with waves of trash infantry.

I’m going to a tournament in about a month, and I really want to take a list centered around my Baneblade. The baneblade and its super heavy counterparts make it into the standard Guard codex, and with a set of rules that actually look like they fit the game without turning it into a downsized Apocalypse match. We’ve got you covered. Such is the power of a Baneblade that nothing short of another war engine, such as a Titanwould dare to face one in single combat.

Eldar Craftworlds, Harlequins and Ynnari — 8th edition Full leak. It can also carry troops, and fit sponsons. The Sergeant can take a power weapon that replaces his chainswordin addition to his Hunting Lance.

Vote Up 0 Vote Down. The Fortress was refitted with an armored cupola, giving Yarrick a “pulpit” from which to command and inspire. While the Tremor Cannon shell itself does relatively little damage, it is the side effect of the underground explosion that is invaluable, pinning the opponent in place and making him vulnerable to sustained bombardment by the other banfblade elements of the Imperial Guard.

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So not the Stormlord then? The hits are only S4 with no AP, but combine its built in rerolls to wound with a nearby Master of Ordnance to reroll 1s to hit, and rain down some impressive damage for the points spent. A more honest way judging by these pages should read:. Some Forgeworlds simply can’t make Volcano Cannons or the complicated targeting computers intended to go with them, so they mount different guns and are sold off to Imperial Guard regiments in place of Shadowswords to fill requisitions.


Needless to say these “unsanctioned” modifications bqneblade the Mechanicum’s collective jimmies rustled up.

For its Psyker abilities, there is something that seems really odd. Like all of the variants of the Baneblade, the Banehammer came into being as the solution to a specific tactical need. You vaneblade get one shot a turn. Also fire at full effect on overwatch. This is an actual tank. The Plaguereaper is a Baneblade variant exclusive to the forces of Nurgle. If you plan to take more than one other artillery tank, I expect this to be worth including.

Baneblade – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Especially since it seems to offer negligible benefits over other comparable weapons. Advance and shoot at full effect. I love the model, and I love the play style of it – it’s just too much of a point sink for something that consistently dies turn 1.

All in all it doesn’t feel like much of a boost to an underwhelming army. The new list is similar to what it was in 2nd except with a lot more choice. June 7, 5: I feel the beginning of the article is over exaggerating a bit. What about adding a small patrol of Custodes? Take the Vanquisher cannon for example.